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  1. Mot pass. 211k on the clock. Zero effort.
  2. No nail gun experience but I glue on my skirting boards, as I’m too lazy to cover any nails/screws after fitting...
  3. Weight will always help with traction no? looks pretty decent though Luke!
  4. I like these videos, but.... 1. it’s still stuuuupidly expensive to take a dirt cheap crap car racing, and... 2. Just show us what colour you painted binky already.
  5. Update got a rough roof and some waterproofing on before it rained loads. Sooo much left to do but at least it’s kinda protected. Hoping to finish the roof structure and insulation by the end of the weekend.
  6. The current walls will be wrapped with a waterproof breather membrane and then battened out for cladding. At the moment I’m going to treat up / stain some cheap 12mm ply, but might not be a long term option. Budget is tight so just want it covered for now. Other consideration is you aren’t going to see much cladding as most of the front is glass and the sides and rear are virtually all hidden. Cladding is sooo pricey!
  7. making progress. Lifting the back wall on my own was not much fun... Will chop the trees back more when I can stand on the roof.
  8. Tour de France was epic.
  9. I just realised I ordered twice as much wood as I needed for the wall framing as they only had 4.8m lengths instead of 2.4m and I forgot to halve my total when I finally worked out the total and made up an order.
  10. Thanks - going with 1, just easier all round and shouldn’t cost too much in strength Made some progress today after a bomb scare at work meant I finished at 10:30! 100mm insulation in.
  11. Making a man cave to make things in made a start, about to insulate the floor then lay ply over the top. I have a couple of choices... 1. 2. seems that ideally you lay brick across the joists (2) but that leaves a lot of unsupported edges. (1) leaves no unsupported edges but... Im leaning towards (1) because the doubled up beams are all supported at half lengths underneath and I want to lay maybe some more parquet on top any thoughts ?
  12. Take action. When that sort of shit goes unchecked they think they can do it again. Agency’s have to be accredited to a professional body still I think, so at the least you should make a complaint to them. If you signed a contract then breaking for no reason has to occur a cost.
  13. Switched my locking diffs on my trx4 so the rear locks first with front open, added some heavy beadlock wheels (which also look cool) so I could sort the saggy foams and rebuilt the shocks TLDR - my rc Land Rover can do drifting and doughnuts.
  14. Impressive bump
  15. I’m not sure if I’d use one on a mtb, but for a road bike I use a wahoo with a hr strap. It’s simple, the battery lasts ages, and the maps work ok for following a route and does turn by turn. Hr is interesting to look at on full gas sessions, but relatively meaningless. Also it pretends to be aero so...