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  1. Mot passed on the 200k civic with fairly minimal cost
  2. F1

    I hope they remove some weight, the increased bulk is killing f1
  3. It seems to me incredibly unlikely to find an intact copper tool, a core drill would have worn down and been recycled, and with metal a pretty precious material I don’t imagine them bunging old ones in a cupboard and forgetting about them! I seem to remember reading that finding even a small copper saw was incredibly rare.
  4. Well the video you linked suggests many, even the spiral core is named number 7 so I guess we can say at least seven! One out of seven is not a great ratio if the others do not exhibit these markings... Evidence they had tools capable of drilling holes ? They had copper, they did make tools out of it - and that bloke proved it was possible with some effort and sand to drill a hole in a granite block. Not as huge a leap as mysterious tools capable of mashing through stone at a redonculous rate.
  5. Ok so you are holding on pretty tight to to the spiral. However, we know that a single turn of the basic tools they had is not going to go through anywhere near enough granite to make the grove in the way you think it’s been made. How many cores show this groove pattern? Is it just this one? If it was all of them I can’t imagine the conspiracy theorists wouldn’t have made a bigger deal of it... So what are the alternatives? Crazy tools - no evidence. Something else - lots of options.
  6. I did a 200k a while back but can’t say I enjoyed it too much. It was a great day out, and had a load of laughs but after 140k my max power output was severely depleted (anything uphill had us crawling along) and my back was in pieces. My friend from work has over 100 audax points this year though. He will ride with anyone as long as it’s a long way!
  7. I’m not sure the spiral definitely suggests that from the discussions I have read.
  8. Lol. So you just dismissed all current theories and evidence, then reasonably decided that an ancient civilisation or aliens were responsible for the pyramids even though there is not a shred of evidence to support that crackpot idea.
  9. Crux... Im sorry but your opinion isn’t worth much in this case - you are trying to convince people that they are wrong and are being lied to, pretty much purely on your opinion that you don’t think that people did something even though you admit it’s possible. No one is giving you an inch because you and your YouTube videos are in no position to make the judgements you are making which is basically dismissing all research from over 100 years of study.
  10. I’m not underestimating the feat, But don’t see an issue with them doing it with the manpower/dedication they had and the technology available. there is plenty of evidence to support the Egyptians building the pyramids, there is none to suggest an alternative high technology civilisation did it. Closed minded?!! If you genuinely believe that, you are living in a dreamland.
  11.!msg/sci.archaeology/TjRguELZWJA/k0ouAj1LZmsJ here is a link to a discussion about how you could cut a spiral groove.... the rest of of what you just posted is just not EVIDENCE it’s opinion and coincidence. structures look similar in different places - big whoop they moved big rocks - big deal THE spiral - wowza something unexplained - shit the bed aliens the cover up of taking the picture at an angle - conspiracy theory nonsense We don’t know how they did all these things, but our current timeline of when they did them, who they were and the types of technologies they had available is pretty well established. If something is actually discovered that changes it then great - go celebrate.
  12. No I’m not saying it was done like that. Similar, maybe. The video is supposed to be a feasibility test, and yes, you can drill a hole in granite with basic copper tools. Yes it took them ages - who cares. The Egyptians were using basic tools to carve stone for thousands of years. It’s not surprising that they were good at it and undoubtedly faster than an old white dude and a couple of blokes on their first tries...
  13. Ok so, just as a follow up. The spiral shows a feed rate not actually possible? And how many other cores show a spiral? The video bangs on about how many cores there are drilled around the place - how many of those show the standard circular marks and how many a spiral? I can think of a few ways of creating a spiral mark, depending on how deep those scores are - eg changing bits and one is significantly thicker, or even reversing out a stuck bit out of all the additional sand. The bit in the video about not being able to remove the cores without steel chisels is rubbish. And I say again, they were working stone for thousands of years.... Your idea that I’m stuck in my way of thinking is also rubbish. If you show me the EVIDENCE I will accept it, but currently I haven’t been shown it. You are telling me that I’m believing a lie. This is quite insulting to many people including me, and mind bogglingly silly.
  14. Where is the bit where they actually explain the spiral significance? Is the cotton wind image suggesting that the drill is taking out more than a mm per turn?
  15. In the 26minutes I watched he waffles on about absolutely nothing and produced zero evidence. I didn’t like it because it was quite clearly nonsense waffle. He was using one man from the 1800s OPINIONS as facts. If you are telling me there is actual scientific evidence in that video maybe you could be so kind as to give me the time in the video so I can spin over the rubbish?