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  1. F1

    Meh - I was pretty happy merc won - I think I dislike max/Redbull more than I do merc/Hamilton (just). And he overtook on track ***. Is it just me or did merc hand verstappen fastest lap (or a very good shot at it) again? As soon as they pitted bottas they handed max a free stop if he got overtaken. They nailed Hamilton’s strategy to win but bottas is just dead weight at the moment - he nearly took Hamilton out by not moving over and can’t get anywhere near fastest laps. If it were my team Russell would be in now.
  2. Electric planer lasted about 20 blocks before death, and the hand planer was pretty much 1 and belt sander is almost 1 tbf the tool that broke did the whole first batch of around 1500 a load of work over the years then 600 of these blocks - it’s just I had not intended to ever get a new one as all the major jobs in the house are near enough done! It just all seems to be going wrong and costing time and dollar at just the wrong moment.
  3. Gut feeling is it’s going to be too gunky for a cabinet scraper to work. Without a powered tool you just end up with the tool sticking to the blocks after you’ve done a couple. there’s also an added complication that quite a few blocks have got some subfloor still on them too! in an ideal world I’d have a planer/thicknesser but I’m not sure how that would fair with gunk build up and heat melting it all together. Also too many$$$
  4. I’m scraping parquet blocks for my shed and all my tools keep breaking. First it was scraper blades (at a fiver a go), then when I found cheap replacement blades, the b*****d tool itself broke. I’m two weeks behind and might have to delay my electrician again. And a new tool looks like it’s gonna cost 3 times as much as the old one. Gah.
  5. Awesome - I haven’t found that method for finding a probability anywhere but will take your word for it as the expected number is something like 33 to be likely to have a full set (not sure what the variance is but expect it’s quite high) the equation for expected number is pretty cool.
  6. I don’t think so, as there are significantly more than 8 ways that those last 8 can go down, and even more ways that you could get the 12 not in the first 12 picks. How many more is what I’m struggling with. I feel like it is a bit like the birthdays problem and the probability is surprisingly high, but no method to get there...
  7. So a quick maths problem, which on the surface seems very easy, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get at a solution.... you are collecting Lego mini figures. There are 12 unique figures to collect. They come in sealed mystery bags of 1, and let’s say there is an equal probability of any of them being in that bag. what is the probability of getting a full set of 12 unique figures if you buy 20 bags. *genuinely asking for a friend
  8. F1

    Anyone think Mercedes kinda dropped the ball bringing in bottas at the end? Seemed inevitable that verstappen would do the same and be faster. edit: just saw max got his time deleted. Still, not the greatest tactics ever?
  9. Went to the Clark’s outlet village place near Glastonbury. Wasn’t really there to buy just as chauffeur, but ended up with 2 pairs of vans and two northface jackets for £100 total. Result. It was also kinda nice to go to high street shops after so long.
  10. Awww I miss living in Devonport.
  11. Ouch! at least you know how you did yours!! I’m in the dark. Just woke up and couldn’t walk.
  12. Ffs - woke up yesterday unable to bear weight on my right foot. today it’s worse and incredibly painful - just had an X-ray but probably tendon damage. I’m on crutches. Might take a long time to recover. Bugger.
  13. F1

  14. @Adam@TartyBikes out of interest - how much did it cost to make your frame?
  15. Can you even open the oven door all the way?