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  1. Extraordinary.
  2. Tories
  3. Tories
  4. Well, you did a couple of different things in the builders yard and then the rest (and most of the variety) was all shot elsewhere? As a vlog style video and no explanation - it doesn’t make much sense. Also you went back to the skatepark.
  5. The title was misleading.
  6. The video at the skatepark baffles me.
  7. Some 10mm bolts that hold on a crossmember at the front of the car that needs to come out so I can remove the alternator. They are basically right under the front of the bonnet (guess that’s why they rusted) access is ok, a little tricky for one but should be good. Might try a cheap version of those Irwin ones.
  8. Plusgas has bee used excessively, I’m just not getting any luck getting any purchase on the bolt heads
  9. Any suggestions on removing bolts that have been rusted to hell and you can’t get any spanners on as the heads have lost all their shape? grind off heads and hope the core comes out ok, or try welding on another bolt?
  10. Nice! We are going next Wednesday!
  11. Rugggggaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  12. Mot passed on the 200k civic with fairly minimal cost
  13. F1

    I hope they remove some weight, the increased bulk is killing f1
  14. It seems to me incredibly unlikely to find an intact copper tool, a core drill would have worn down and been recycled, and with metal a pretty precious material I don’t imagine them bunging old ones in a cupboard and forgetting about them! I seem to remember reading that finding even a small copper saw was incredibly rare.
  15. Well the video you linked suggests many, even the spiral core is named number 7 so I guess we can say at least seven! One out of seven is not a great ratio if the others do not exhibit these markings... Evidence they had tools capable of drilling holes ? They had copper, they did make tools out of it - and that bloke proved it was possible with some effort and sand to drill a hole in a granite block. Not as huge a leap as mysterious tools capable of mashing through stone at a redonculous rate.