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  1. Just as a side point, and unless I’m missing something - I wouldn’t touch the calliper mount if I were removing that wheel. I would take off the disc... only a few more bolts but leaves alignment perfect.
  2. I watched that video soooooo much. Big Jeff does some incredible lines. Jeff in evolve and Martyn in chainspotting basically changed my life...
  3. I thought that would clear no problem. (Or something) big jeff ftmfw
  4. Very simply, your battery is 12x110 watt/hrs 1.32kWH... if your panel is 100w or 0.1kW then it would take 13.2 hours to charge the battery fully (if it’s chucking out at 100% all the time) Tv 0.035kWH Xbox roughly 0.05kWH with a crappy inverter. So the load total is .085kWH and the charging is 0.1kWH. So good chance that’ll be fine? Or something.
  5. Yeah I get that. But it’s soapstone no? Completely possible for a skilled craftsman to work into great detail?
  6. F1

    Yeah, that’s the nature of f1 at the minute(and probably forever)... i didn’t watch the race, and haven’t bothered with the last three. I’m a big fan of f1 but it’s just such a lame series at the moment. Everything about the cars seem just dull - the rediculous weight and stupidly complex ‘green’ engine, the increasingly complex Aero to get round an increasingly complex rule book. (Nothing new just iterative minute details). The tyres! The squabbling is dull and the increasing numbers of drivers without the actual talent but with the pay check, leading to less drivers making a difference. I love the technology of f1, but it’s just so dull right now as a racing series.
  7. “Lathe” is a bit leading - the guy is also banging on about advanced tooling too which seems a bit silly, it certainly appears that some have been turned, but there are other ways to skin a cat. My guess would be there has been actual science conducted on these things, and my second guess would be if anyone had discovered anything other than period tools were used to make them it would have been big news? I’m comfortable that the skills the people who made all these things were amazing, but completely within the bounds of technology posessed at the time. The bits about not being able to stick a twig in a gap are just lolz.
  8. F1

    To me, if that was a battle for the lead I would have said 50/50 blame, Ocon didn’t back out and Verstappen didn’t give room to a car that was at least alongside. The only reason Ocon got a penalty seems to be because he was unlapping which sucks balls.
  9. I love how that video talks about things being done on a lathe then shows a column with features that couldn’t be done on a lathe.
  10. F1

    Mega lols on the crash today....
  11. No not really Yes, yes it would be, because there is simply no evidence to suggest it happened that way.
  12. Again - look at some of the great houses of the English recent past - they were built (and altered) over decades. What’s the difference?
  13. Those two are pretty much the same statement... just because you can’t see how they did it, does not mean they must have had a magic bullet technology we don’t know about, when a plausible explanation is they used the tools they had and a lot of time and effort. To to the last bit. Yes. Yes I do, because that seems to be what actually happened, given the evidence we have. We have nothing to say they could not have done that? Also the unfinished one is the biggest known one - and had developed cracks and possibly been abandoned - they were pushing their engineering limits to the max for it. They weren’t just knocking up another obelisk. As for losing the technology- look at Blenheim palace again - given the same tools could we build it again now? Are there enough stonemasons/craftsmen to do it? Do we build houses like that anymore? Not really. Times change - along came the romans and the culture changes. Etc etc. Less god like rulers to impart their wills and create massive monuments? Who knows. It seems a pretty massive and ridiculous leap to invent a whole other group of people who made the pyramids, or another technology that has been lost from history leaving absolutely no trace?
  14. pretty sure they’ve carbon dated the pyramids from charcoal wood mortar remenants etc to a pretty close range of dates about the times that fit in with who they were built for? What do you mean “more than copper tools”? 1. When it was built makes a difference because the Egyptians also had an Iron Age. So maybe iron tools and wood tools (they used expanding wooden wedges?) along with some sand and other stone. 2. Why does it have to be more than that? Just because you or I can’t doesn’t mean it’s not possible - you aren’t showing me any evidence to think anything different. I can’t hunt or even gather but that doesn’t mean early man had guns. Let’s look a long way forward in time. Blenheim palace. Built in the early 1700s. What did they use to build it? How did they carve the stone, and all the detail? One rich dude(or lady I can’t remember) paid a shit load to a boat load of labourers. Watched a show the other day that put a wild estimate on cost of construction equivalent today as 70 odd billion I think... I can’t imagine how the f**k they did it, but they did.
  15. Just out of interest - the granite ‘box’ - has it been dated? Ancient Egypt spans a pretty huge time period. Thousands of years. I’m pretty happy with the idea they figured out how to carve things like that with the tools they had (incrementally over time). Again - it probably took a horrific amount of effort and time, but why not? It seems more logical than they had a magic technology we don’t know about? Look at the great pyramid - it took decades to build - not that much is granite. It’s mostly limestone which is much easier to cut and shape. Maybe it took just as long as the whole of the rest of the build to make a perfect granite sarcophagus? It does not matter - the resource and time was there.