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  1. ill be honest, I wasn’t expecting may to last longer than a few days at that point... but somehow we are even more f**ked than back then! At least she did the only decent thing and resigned at the right point for some cheap time of year jokes.
  2. Yeah. It’ll be interesting to see how they go on. i watched glass yesterday, really enjoyed all three movies. Wrapped it up kinda nicely.
  3. Bttf 1-3 did it better despite what the avengers think...
  4. Endgame was funny. also stupid. it also took the piss out of certain movies and then proceeded to fail dismally at sticking to its own rules. It made no sense at all but I enjoyed it.
  5. That dudes just interested in selling books and making money. Doesn’t seem to have much interest in actual science, other than how he can take things out of context to support his headline grabbing theories.
  6. Just read the build thread, start to now. Really cool. Might sound stuuuupid, but given your skills would you build your own chassis now? No compromise, everything exactly how you want it?
  7. F1

    I would love it if vettel lost his job at the end of the year...
  8. F1

    Already looking disappointingly familiar.... but hopefully quali will bring some surprises and closer times.
  9. F1

  10. F1

    True, agree - if you properly get it wrong it’s a disaster, but don’t those wings take over a month to design, verify and build. So I guess mercedes wanted to try out the concept, or their actual car is sooo good and they have so much resource they could test the engine and new mechanical bits week one whilst forcing everyone else to spend time and cash modelling their weird different wing? I thought the bigger change was the new side pod shape for Mercedes more like RB.
  11. F1

    My guess is it’s closer but Mercs (Hamilton at least) out front on most tracks - especially on race pace. I think the front wing thing is less important than some are making out. Newey I think is quoted as saying we modelled the Ferrari/Alfa wing and ours at the moment is better, but we could implement it if we wanted without any major changes elsewhere, which could be bs but newey doesn’t seem the type for it. All I want is Mclaren to be back towards the front. Races are better when there are more people who can win...
  12. F1

    Can’t wait for testing.
  13. F1

    (And faster)
  14. Just as a side point, and unless I’m missing something - I wouldn’t touch the calliper mount if I were removing that wheel. I would take off the disc... only a few more bolts but leaves alignment perfect.
  15. I watched that video soooooo much. Big Jeff does some incredible lines. Jeff in evolve and Martyn in chainspotting basically changed my life...