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  1. I really want to put one of these in... a 3D printer and a bit of a geek out space - maybe some soft seating maybe a ps5. But mostly I just really want a full sheet cnc machine. one of the original plans was to air condition it, but doing it diy seems a lot harder now as no one wants to sell them anymore. It’s the best way to heat it and the summers are getting more and more intense so a chill out zone would be nice...
  2. just a bit of cladding and pipe the guttering along the side into a waterbutt, and the outside is done.
  3. Can’t remember what thread I’ve been putting these in but - doors are nearly in - just need some expanding foam around and sealant... hopefully be able to get that done and handles and vents tomorrow and can take a pic without all the tape on. no more crappy leaky tarp.
  4. So is it one sex dungeon and one bike workshop, or just two sex dungeons?
  5. Couldn’t get the side panel and French door connector to play ball, can connect to one side or the other not both. Grrr
  6. ASAP.
  7. Doors to my shed arrived and fitted through the house. Fitting session tomorrow.
  8. 40k seems incredible value just for that far!! Top work.
  9. Is the new gt out yet?
  10. Any reason you don’t want to build a car as a kit? Doesn’t look that much more expensive and I thought that was half the fun? my friend had a Volvo turbo powered mk which was pretty terrifying to go in.
  11. The way I learnt was to go a decent pace on the flat or very slightly downhill and make sure when you pull up into it you go far enough or too far and control it with the rear brake. Gives you more time finding the balance point. Too low is unrecoverable, too high is not
  12. I always found most head hits are when you get your legs hooked up and fall backwards. So if you go mtb style don’t get a pointy one at the back? I always preferred my Bucky lasek as it was light comfy and never needed replacing (offered enough protection for trials hits)
  13. Campervan pics?
  14. Buy an absolute shitter in a nice place if you can. You can always make a shit place nice but the other way round is a bit harder.
  15. We were a day from exchange when squatters moved into a house we were trying to buy. We were going to be exchange and complete relatively quickly so had given our notice on our rental... almost ended up homeless and cost us 6-9 months of renting somewhere else before we could try and buy again. It was an absolute steal too. expect the unexpected.