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  1. Corrupt or not, voting for a racist who insights violence to be the president is not an acceptable protest vote. "A people's vote" is a laughable excuse.
  2. Ironic post on a internet forum, JD... anyway, reading this one article (one of many easily found by just searching for the donald should be enough to show that he should have had zero votes and a poor excuse for a human being.
  3. Ok, I'm sorry but am I missing something? Donald Trump suggested to his voters that they shoot Hilary Clinton. He has used money from a charity to pay for legal fees for his own companies. He thinks it's ok to grab women by the pussy, and joked about sexual assault. He made fun of the disabled. He wants to build a f**king wall between two countries. He does not believe in man made climate change and is going to pull America out of any funding. He IS racist, and attacked Muslim Gold Star parents. I get that America has problems. I get that people want change. I get that people don't like Hilary, but anyone who voted for trump or stands up for him in any way is morally corrupt. This man is not a decent human being. People can say I'm a republican all my life I vote for the republican candidate all they like - those people need to look hard in the mirror. Voting for brexit doesn't automatically make you a racist. A lot of brexit voting was for racist and xenophobic reasons, and the campaign was fought on incredibly dodgy lines, and encouraged this. People who voted for Trump the Man and Leader of a country are accepting that all those things he has done/said are ok. f**k that. SPOIL THE f**kING PAPER IF YOU WANT TO PROTEST.
  4. I feel pretty sick. Anyone trying to justify the 50+ million people who voted for a man who is as racist, hateful, disrespectful and evil can go f**k themselves. I wish Theresa May, instead of congratulating the total willy said exactly what everyone else in this country is thinking. He is not fit to be president and is a threat to the state of the world now and many many future generations. the brexit campaign and the trump campaign have been built on scaremongering, lies, hate, racism and all sorts of other terrible things and I'm fed up and genuinely scared of the attitude that seems to be 'lets treat other people like shit to get our way' that has not just been creeping in, but gushing into society. It sounds over the top, but I imagine I am feeling a small amount of the way people were feeling in the 30's. f**k you.
  5. Hi VOC content paint makes everything happy.
  6. That Dino is cool. - the gt version is my dream car.
  7. How much should one pay for a half decent one of those?
  8. Tims Vermeer. Pretty good/interesting documentary.
  9. just had a quick look on the site - it looks like 2 years. In other angry news, I was more than a little pissed off to discover that someone in our office has been made full time but is still doing a part time delivery. With the amount of shit we have been taking all year because the management are completely hopeless (getting towards 20k a day walking) this is the final straw. He is doing a whole hour less work (outdoor slavery) than anyone else and the idiot boss I spoke to about it thought that was absolutely fine.
  10. Isn't Titan stuff usually like 3 years?
  11. Ios10 got rid of genius, and iTunes 12/whatever broke my bathroom airplay setup
  12. I can't believe it - had a renewal for home insurance through - went online to check it - its way cheaper than the same company (and any other) new quote deal - thats never happened to me before. Edit: I think Im old.
  13. F1

    As long as he doesn't get penalised, he can do whatever the hell he wants. I watched a bit of the race and I saw the bit where he watched rai choose a side on the kemmel straight and then block that move. It was pretty bad, but Charlie/driver stewards didn't give a shit, so I guess it's going to keep happening
  14. Ok simple question. Router only has 10/100 ports but unmanaged switch and pcs have 10/100/1000 ports. If everything is connected to the switch, should you see 1000mbit transfer type speeds for simple smb file sharing internally? Should the established speed listed on all the pcs be 1000mbit or will it only be 100mbit as the router is the thing handing out IP addresses?
  15. Still displaying 100mbit on the switch and in network settings boo. last question (this is more about an unmanaged switch). If all devices bar the server had 100mbit controllers would you expect to see the server to switch line showing on the switch as 1000 or 100mbit ?
  16. Would you expect the switch to be displaying 1000mbit? Or 100mbit and switch to 1000mbit when doing a file transfer?
  17. Ah but then nothing is giving out IP addresses. So that's not really a goer, but it does seem like an interesting issue that I can't seem to find a good answer for! Maybe next week I'll get them to switch some of the connections around and just try some. If anyone actually knows technically what should happen it would be great to know.
  18. Bummer, yeah im trying to diagnose from afar... dads office changed their isp, who took out the router I installed (and didn't reinstate any of the assignments or set anything up properly) and put in a shit one with only 10/100 ports. I think currently the fileserver is attached to the router and not the switch so am wondering if I can improve things a little by having everything like you say router -> switch -> devices. I thought maybe as transfers are direct (?) device to device it can run @ gigabit but wasn't sure how that would work with a 10/100 device on the network serving out IPs and doing internets. file speeds are pretty poor with 6 of them in the office and some largish files that they work with so would like to get back up to gigabit fileserving without having to go there physically and replacing the router.
  19. F1

  20. F1

    I missed it so just watched a couple of replays. I also watched the sky "analysis". Sky have the penalty as harsh, but the way he makes it so blatant is just brain dead. If he attempts to turn in earlier even if he locks up/understeers on a bit he probably doesn't get that penalty. Verstappen plays it pretty cool and keeps going to make a point, but rosberg coming on the radio and throw the toys out just makes it worse. Yeah, full lock about 10m too late! I also don't think verstappen was really moving in the braking zone - it just looks like the racing line at that point, it's just rosberg going straight for so effing long makes it look bad.
  21. If they try and make the nhs insurance based, I'll be rioting in the streets with everybody else who lives in the real world.
  22. Well the Labour Party is at least an entertaining distraction. Angela Eagle in with a chance of being leader and instantly rejected by her constituents. Or Corbyn winning and a new party being born by the ensuing split. Just wtf...
  23. Ha although in the version I have in my head (thanks to the playground at RM) the second line is a bit different.