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  1. I just watched lego batman and Logan. Both fantastic.
  2. Boris will not be the next leader 100%
  3. Classic, despite my optimism, we somehow have ended up with the old cow bag doing a marvel team up with a bunch of "pro life" anti gay marriage, climate change denying creationist nut jobs. On the other hand we got rid of Salmond who sold one of the most environmentally protected areas of Scotland to trump for a golf course, and Clegg who sold out the lib dem supporters so badly that he turned a three party system into a two party one and got us into this mess in the first place.
  4. So MPs are pedos and thickies, but somehow still managing to pull off extravagant conspiracies, and keep the man in the street controlled like sheep? Surely if you ran you'd be like pm in a month? All seriousness - I voted. I also have this casually optimistic feeling that the tories may not get more seats than now and we may get another new pm/Tory leader.
  5. What's stopping you running for mp ?
  6. I actually agree with the no fee policy for students. The uk doesn't really seem to have anything else to offer except talent and expertise. We need the best education system, and educating more of our people to a very high standard (if they can be). Investing in education seems a bit of a win.
  7. Erm. You vote for your local MP. Voting that way IS the way everyone should vote. Someone to represent you and your local area in parliament?
  8. any good?
  9. Anyone got any ideas on an fm radio USB dongle type thing that would be Linux compatible?
  10. Wut?
  11. Round like a plate though yeh?
  12. Why?
  13. Wouldn't a wheelie depend on whether the bike was a high bb pogo trials bike or a normal one?
  14. Pics of the contraption...
  15. My first instinct - makes a big difference whether you are standing in front of or behind the bike....
  16. F1

    It will be interesting if they all get off the line in grid order - Hamilton behind Bottas will really show how this season is going to go down.
  17. F1

    Look what happened last time....
  18. Yeah, you can't write off the mortgage on it anymore, only the part of it that's interest.
  19. This should be in the angry thread.
  20. I went over currys head in the end - direct to smeg who are sending someone out to get the bits and sort it
  21. New cooker arrived, had it fitted, discovered it has bits missing and the light in the oven doesn't work (probably the bulb). Currys aren't going to just get me the bits and bulb, they are going to replace the whole bloody thing.
  22. I'm clearly brain damaged. Yeah - the guy pulled out from a space from the wrong side without being able to see
  23. Got knocked off my commuter fixie by someone parked on the wrong side of the road.
  24. F1

    Much more drag....
  25. Who shoots portrait video?