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  1. Ffs turn the engine on and drive it already....
  2. Yeah so, the problem I had is technology cupboard/corner is full... technology corner on the left has wifi and Mac mini on top of cupboard, 5.1 + stereo second zone inside with PS3 wii u, network switches, cable modem etc... it was perfect - all the tv cables speaker wires hidden (under floor). Sound is pumped around the house on airplay to various rpi/receivers. Then I inherited a load of old vinyl, and the only shelf space for records and the player is a different corner so no way to connect to the amp. nad 533 turntable in pretty good condition. Into behringer ufo202 phono dac thingy (seems ok) into original rpi running either darkice/icecast (MP3) or liquidsoap/icecast (flac) to create a network stream to pump round the house. Now for a little more simplicity in using the player a rpi zero + phatdac running moodeaudio on boot straight into a spare line in - bonus point that it runs off the USB socket on the amp so only on when the amp is on. Did get lossless working direct to the amp but macs don't do flac apparently so may look at othe higher q streams instead!
  3. Upgraded my rpi network streaming turntable. Now a NAD turntable that actually sounds great, and I've added a second rpi with a dac on my amp so that you can run it a bit more simply without having to use the mac/iTunes. next up alter the source rpi to send a lossless stream (not that I think the USB phono dac warrants this...)
  4. I agree, new top gear >> The grand tour
  5. F1

    Stroll again... lolz.
  6. F1

    Same old mclaren Honda failure so far...
  7. F1

    The ferrari looks pretty rad too! This is the best bit of the season - I wish they televised the testing sessions.
  8. If you had £200 to spend on a camera what would one buy these days? Second hand dslr? Looking for a really decent upgrade over modern phone pics
  9. If you had £200 to spend on a camera what would one buy these days? Second hand dslr?
  10. So I heard this on the radio, as well as a potential answer, but I seem to be able to come up with two very different answers which are causing a bit of argument with my mum the maths teacher... So you meet up with a couple of old friends, you know they've had two children and they've brought one with them. The child they have brought with them is a boy. What are the chances that the other child is also a boy ?
  11. Yeah I get that, so that's why I see 1/3 as a genuine solution, but my problem is once you actually test it out by saying, ok it's the first child they had that you meet- in that scenario you can rule out girl boy and girl girl to leave boy boy or boy girl so 50%. If you then test out and say it's the second born - you get exactly the same thing - so it doesn't matter which child - first or second and the probability is 50% whereas if you just say you don't know it's 1/3. This is my problem, I can't see a legitimate flaw with either method (I'm hoping it's my old dulling mind), but I definitely want one to be wrong.
  12. That's my problem with the whole thing- if you use the logic that gets you to 1/3 it's because you say the boy you know could be the first or second child (in terms of age) and gives you the three possible family outcomes, but as soon as you say it IS either the first OR the second you remove either boy/girl or girl/boy from the equation and it becomes 1/2 again.
  13. Ok, so one of the answers I have is 1/2 the other is 1/3 - from the four possible families of two children one is ruled out by knowing they have at least one boy - so in the other three choices only one is two boys so 1/3 ? This is the one my mum is going with, but I'm fairly sure the answer is 1/2. What do people think of that?
  14. How do you do that ?
  15. Like shit. ply base then left over parquet on top
  16. I made a desk for the spare room out of leftovers. Going to set a proper monitor pc/mac in there as working on the sofa on the tv isn't really cutting it anymore. pic is when the wax/oil went on so looks darker than will be. Also shelved out above finally too. pretty happy.
  17. F1

    Lots of conspiracy theory's about Mercedes knowing and "gifting" a parting Rosberg... My dream lineup - Vettel to Mercedes (gets destroyed), and Button into Ferrari - gets a podium or race win or two and retires with a bit more dignity.
  18. F1

    Lolz at the radio conversations ! the team has no right to be angry, totally fair fight. Hamilton tried whatever he could, Rosberg would have done the same.
  19. Yeah, well people who endorse racism and pretty openly racist people like trump can go f**k themselves.
  20. Corrupt or not, voting for a racist who insights violence to be the president is not an acceptable protest vote. "A people's vote" is a laughable excuse.
  21. Ironic post on a internet forum, JD... anyway, reading this one article (one of many easily found by just searching for the donald should be enough to show that he should have had zero votes and a poor excuse for a human being.
  22. Ok, I'm sorry but am I missing something? Donald Trump suggested to his voters that they shoot Hilary Clinton. He has used money from a charity to pay for legal fees for his own companies. He thinks it's ok to grab women by the pussy, and joked about sexual assault. He made fun of the disabled. He wants to build a f**king wall between two countries. He does not believe in man made climate change and is going to pull America out of any funding. He IS racist, and attacked Muslim Gold Star parents. I get that America has problems. I get that people want change. I get that people don't like Hilary, but anyone who voted for trump or stands up for him in any way is morally corrupt. This man is not a decent human being. People can say I'm a republican all my life I vote for the republican candidate all they like - those people need to look hard in the mirror. Voting for brexit doesn't automatically make you a racist. A lot of brexit voting was for racist and xenophobic reasons, and the campaign was fought on incredibly dodgy lines, and encouraged this. People who voted for Trump the Man and Leader of a country are accepting that all those things he has done/said are ok. f**k that. SPOIL THE f**kING PAPER IF YOU WANT TO PROTEST.
  23. I feel pretty sick. Anyone trying to justify the 50+ million people who voted for a man who is as racist, hateful, disrespectful and evil can go f**k themselves. I wish Theresa May, instead of congratulating the total willy said exactly what everyone else in this country is thinking. He is not fit to be president and is a threat to the state of the world now and many many future generations. the brexit campaign and the trump campaign have been built on scaremongering, lies, hate, racism and all sorts of other terrible things and I'm fed up and genuinely scared of the attitude that seems to be 'lets treat other people like shit to get our way' that has not just been creeping in, but gushing into society. It sounds over the top, but I imagine I am feeling a small amount of the way people were feeling in the 30's. f**k you.
  24. Hi VOC content paint makes everything happy.