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  1. I had a shower.
  2. F1

    So yeah - he got a reprimand for driving with a dangerous car (no effect) and a 10sec penalty (no effect). So basically the stewards just told him you can't do that as Lewis was ahead into the corner. He then post this... what a whinging whining piece of shit.
  3. F1

    Last lap was awesome. Nico is a total douchebag - interviewed after he blamed Lewis - terrible - he could have just blamed brakes failing, so I hope the stewards nail him. On boards pretty much show he deliberately rams him.
  4. F1

    At least 2. Anyone trying to to overtake is going to slide a bit wide on the second last/last corner and start really hammering the sus.
  5. I agree with all you said except this. You don't vote for a pm, you vote for your local MP. I think a lot of people fail to see this at general elections. It may influence your vote, and you may vote tactically because of it, but the whole point is to send some loon to Westminster to represent you and your area. New question - if you had to pick Gove or Boris....?
  6. Trump just said "great news" #worrying
  7. Does this mean we could limit overseas players in premier league teams to like two and get good at football? (Just trying for some early positives)
  8. Wtf. According to the Beeb, the battle was lost north of the m4 by people worried about immigration. Lolz
  9. Well I just voted. In the end I had to vote remain. I still think long term it could be better for us to leave economically (and I mean that as 50/50 guess), it's just all the other shit that has attached itself to leave that means I can no longer just spoil. stuff like all the blatantly racist/xenophobic bullshit propaganda that has been plastered over the streets, on the telly and through my letterbox. just wow. Fairly disgusting. So yeah - remain - I'm not going to let the side that's only got "we don't like the foreign boys" as its only sound solid argument win. Also - whilst I concede that long term economics are pretty much unforseeable, short term it's pretty clear it's a major f**k up (even just having the vote is going to cause mayhem), and so I've voted as well for the first time partly for a short term result (selfishly) as I've got a hulking great mortgage that will need renewing in 2 years, and our short term finances my be hit soon too by a change in lifestyle. The only positive is that the Tories may shred themselves to bits over the results.
  10. Sounds boned. But I don't get how you've managed this? Did you plug in a powered splitter with the wrong plug?
  11. F1

    I'm genuinely excited about this race, the chances of an almighty pile up on the first lap are sooooo huge (and a big order shakeup). The track looks pretty good from the free practice bits I watched - real penalties for getting it wrong, low grip, and a mahoosive straight for overtaking (even without Drs?!)
  12. Shit the bed even Eddie Jordan managed to come across as a witty and intelligent human being in that show when compared to Chris Evans. I wonder how balls deep the bbc have committed themselves?
  13. I'm gonna spoil again. As has been said previously - there is no plan, and no facts on either side of the argument to make me think this vote is anything other than a pure guess. I don't think the public should have been given the choice! We elect a bunch of idiots to deal with this sort of thing don't we? To make the best decisions on incredibly complex issues that "the common man" doesn't understand/give a f**k about? At work many people are voting out "because of the immigrants" as they think an out result would mean we just close the borders and shut up shop (As do Claire's parents! Lol), and that that's a good thing. The country is wasting millions of £££ on this referendum. All the shit being slapped about by both sides is just embarrassing. I cannot wait for it to be over.
  14. Nice car pic.
  15. The extra gear show was the biggest let down. They had a chance for something genuinely interesting and fun about cars, but just failed miserably. The main show was a complete pile long ago, and having Chris Evans reading the voice overs like a kids tv presenter just made it excruciating.
  16. I'm listening on headphones, through my iPhone, from my icecast stream, whilst doing the dinner. It's awesome.
  17. F1

    I'm happy that rosbergs lead has been cut down quite a bit, but a bit gutted for ricciardo. Im not really a Hamilton fan (just so blessed) but I absolutely would hate for rosberg to take the wdc
  18. So yeah I'm happy. got fed up with my mums old classical vinyl just sitting around doing nothing, so bought a turntable off the bay, an old technics thing which seems decent enough quality (records aren't in the best shape now anyway). plugged it into a usb dac thingy and plugged that into the Mac and joy - Beethoven on loud. But hey the turntable can't stay next to the Mac (no space) or even next to the amp (even less space). So had a quick google - found that I could use the trusty old rpi to grab the audio, encode to MP3 at a decent bitrate and broadcast the stream. After a sd card failure and some head scratching, followed by a new power supply and a little more fiddling, the stream is working! added the stream to iTunes and boom! Beethoven can be streamed via AirPlay to all rooms in the house. A totally over the top and inappropriate way to play vinyl but it keeps the house neat and tidy. I am really enjoying playing them although they all need cleaning, so if anyone has any advice on a cheap and easy clean method that would be great.
  19. just saw John Cleese totally selling out one of the greatest comedy moments in uk TV history to specsavers. life is just so dumbed down and commercial.
  20. F1

    Didn't see the podium, but vettel got totally rammed at the start (twice) and taken out. Most sweary radio call ever... Didnt help that it was kvyatt again - so Seb went and had a moan to Horner about it.
  21. F1

    Is it just me or does it look like they cheated on the ballistic test? There seems to be additional supports on the front that take a fair amount of the load?
  22. I made water come out of the bathroom ceiling. (Intentionally) All the plumbing for water is done in the new bathroom - I'm at least a week behind schedule and I'm absolutely shattered, but feeling slightly more confident about it actually coming together in the next two weeks.
  23. Everytime you did the 90 gap I was disappointed you didn't roll along the rail first was pretty cool though as a video.
  24. F1

    Whatever happened to 20odd guys driving fast as f**k in carbon fibre go karts with v12 engines? I might just switch to MotoGP.