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  1. New hoover does not work. Now I’ve got to go through the ballache of returning it. Ffs
  2. I’m getting bored of having to drink so much. Come back 22C...
  3. Debussy. Don’t know why, just loving piano music right now.
  4. Also - this guy
  5. More interesting now - whether the council will press charges against the people who dump them in...
  6. They dumped Colston in the river! Will be interesting to see what the council do now... it would cost a lot to put it back up I would guess.
  7. I’m in for a 26tour
  8. Whatcha order?
  9. Bg are are total dicks. They had faulty meters in my sisters restaurant for years. When they left 6 months later they slapped a 20k bill on them that they had no way to fight, despite the fact that if they had proper bills it would essentially been illegal for them to still trade at such a loss. Ombudsmen didn’t even listen to the case either - rigged game. hopefully as you can prove when you left and have the email of the reading you’ll be ok eventually...
  10. Until the inevitable moment when you bash it off on a side hop fail I seem to remember having a full cassette and range on mine when I locked mine out. But the reality is you only need 2 or 3 gears.
  11. RJ

    It’s funny because knowing bristol, when I watched your videos from here I instantly knew how mental some of those were and that I could never have done them. The level has certainly moved on! I’m still a bit gutted I never made a last video using the 550d and some of the gear I had at the end, but after I broke my wrist again and then the team ended I guess life moved on a bit, Martyn had his crash not that long after and I bought a wreck of a house. the brakeless one was probably my fav out of those two - it was all just new. The video was a bit rough but was lots of fun, that London ride was awesome!
  12. Went for a ride - creak fixed, knee didn’t hurt as much, smashed some pr’s. Got home watched the last two MJ episodes. Buzzing.
  13. F1

    sainz ricciardo thing is a done deal apparently
  14. unfortunately i think it will do the opposite... RM is playing it pretty fast and loose with morality over the lockdown period at the expense of its frontline staff. For cold feet etc - i go with some dhb tights (they are some of the few who do some nice soft warm ones without a padded arse bit, thick merino wool socks and neoprene overshoes. the other thing you can try is some waterproof socks. I find they are really good at stopping wind chill (depending on your shoes) and wet never goes well for my feet and staying warm.
  15. The Jordan documentary.
  16. I’m really diggin the binky engine episodes. Very satisfying.
  17. Are they going to pay?
  18. Clearly a sarcophagus
  19. RM makes another terrible decision that shafts all its staff
  20. Did you even read the article?
  21. Ummmm
  22. I can’t see the financial impact lasting any less than a whole decade.
  23. Griff can ride his pedal bike, and get going on his own. I’m currently looking for a cheap good mountain bike I can get on rms cycle to work scheme
  24. My guess is this didn’t happen (I only just saw this post somehow)? If there are any social gatherings allowed this year and some races happen I’d be up for pedalling if you have space and I can make it! I am old and unfit now though