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  1. Well this happened...
  2. I discovered this too on Thursday, via a last minute ticket to see a band called "Caravan Palace". really quite enjoyable night! Ben
  3. What the hell was that crap??
  4. Such sad news! Charlie was such a genuinely brilliant man, a truly selfless individual. My thoughts go out to Sue and the family. R.I.P Charlie Ben
  5. Bit excessive for a clothes line? How heavy are your pants?!
  6. I had the same issue of just about to sleep, but then some inconsistent scum bags decide to turn over the tool hire shop across the road... Cue smashing glass, alarms, and then car screeching off into the distance... 5 minutes later, police...
  7. Well I decided to treat myself to a new toy for my birthday! I was sad to see my previous ZZR600 go, but this bike is absolutely mental! Ben
  8. Erik dude, this has just been bought to my attention, I'm so sorry mate, my world has been stupidly hectic recently (no excuse I know) and I have had no time to myself. Please send me your address and I promise I'll get it out on Thursday and will give you the tracking number as soon as I have sent it. Once again I am so very sorry about the delay! Ben
  9. Day off of work and going go karting with my dad and a mate later. Makes me pretty happy. Also, got paid on friday. Ben
  10. Spooks is on netflix! Tune into the angry thread tomorrow when i've caned my bandwidth.
  11. Cheers mate. Yeah its been pretty crap. And to top it off, tonight my housemates ex has done a bunk with their kid, so i'm dealing with her too! Never rains but it pours i tells you! Ben
  12. Shes suffered from depression before, but thought she was doing alright. We were planning to meet up for lunch earlier this week! Not gonna have that conversation with her until she's back on her feet and better. Ben
  13. I am currently angry, sad, confused and generally a bit skull f**ked right now. Mum tried offing herself a few days ago and is in intensive care hooked up to a million tubes and looks like a science experiment. Wtf world?? Ben
  14. Same... Instructor threatened to snap my fingers to stop me covering the clutch/brake on my test. Ben
  15. If you get asked for ID and you don't have it = NO BEER... No ifs, buts or maybes. Policy is policy.