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  1. Looks Ace! Almost wrapped my arcade exactly like this!
  2. Been a while, thought I'd post a little bike update: Inspired Skye V3 Wrapped in vvivid vinyl Taxi Green (Chartreuse) Animal Edwin Flangless Grips Hope FR CNC 75mm x 25' Magura MT7 Macaskill x Shimano SLX 203mm Rotors The rest is pretty much stock. Hope you guys like! Click here for more pics.
  3. Much agreed with Ali's Golden rim Arcade! The one with chrome bits in Clean002 was also as dreamy.
  4. So Blessed.
  5. Cheers, and the elephant is a little souvenir from my last passage in the UK. Found it on a bin while riding with Jordan Leigh in Totton.
  6. So my friend just bought this beast and I was thinking that some people year would like to see normal pics of it.. So here is it
  7. Ok,so the idea is simple i've always been wondering what was the most beautiful looking 24" street bike? So, go ahead and post pictures of your bikes and lets see what people thinks! Enjoy!!
  8. Stocked on my new Whip, Ozonys Saw 2018! Repping them new Neon Avid Mt7s Dany Macthiskill! Hope you guys like!
  9. Guys, just wait for mine in a few weeks... Wraping the skye and it will have the neon yellow maguras. It will be insane I promise.
  10. Took for the first time some riding pics. Bare with me it was -15 with wind haha. Also, I've entered the magura photocontest with the first pic below. I would really appreciate if you guys could click the link below and go like it! Many thanks from Canada!
  11. Then stop caring that much...
  12. Exaclty! Btw kushagra didnt even loose to me, he was 3rd, and I don't see Sani crying over it.. grow up man..
  13. Because it got featured on big pages... I still have some screen shot of the like groups your in and of the nice comments you left on the other peoples post.. oh and you asking me to give you some money in order not to "expose" me. lol
  14. R.I.P india's 1st
  15. I have access to large instagram account for a total of about 600k followers and many friends of mine with 50k + account shared it. Might seem unfair, but isn't this how life works? Anyway let's focus on the positive! Can't wait to come back to UK!
  16. I didn't...
  17. Delete
  18. Oh nice, I have a few trials friend over there!
  19. Thanks man! Please share! and where in CAD?
  20. I'll shave mine even more haha
  21. So I was going to buy some MT7 but then a friend proposed me to go for MT5 instead. Appart from having a slightly different lever and different pads, is there really much of a difference? I can get a really good deal on the MT7 ( £270 for the pair ) the MT5 would cost me around £150 What do you guys think? Worth the ~£120 up? To be honest it's a really good deal on the MT7 so I don't want to miss anything but at the same time if the MT5 are really almost as good, well...
  22. Well I can't say anything on it since idk the what the rider is aiming for. Maybe a shorter one wouldnt suite his riding style...
  23. Yeah, the rear tire and the curved fork ain't my cup of tea.
  24. Meaning?