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  1. Sure there are a market for these 3 geo. Atomz & Crewkerz always used 3 geo and we sold frames everytime. Thanks and no plan for 24''.
  2. With a fork in 405 mm * 35 mm, Geometries will be : S : 1065 mm // 380 mm // +65mm // 72° M : 1075 mm // 380 mm // +65mm // 72° L : 1085 mm // 380 mm // +65mm // 72° We use through axle, the geometries cannot change like on frame with horizontal dropout.
  3. Yes we knew it. To have a good bike our engeneers have to work on the complete bike and not only on the frame. The frame is available and you can assemble the frame AS30 or Hashtagg/Tryall/Racing line BB30, All fork with a crown reducer, and all rear hub in 12 mm through axle. but you have to use our tensioner.
  4. Sorry if I'm agressive with my answers, my english is really bad, and I cannot defends my point of view with the simple english words. I would like just say for us the name is not a priority, because it's impossible to have a perfect name. ''Inspired'' is a bad name for french people, because we don't have the good phonetic. we sold only 2% of our Cleep production in UK, 0 Cleep in USA, and 98 % in the other country and Cleep was a wrong name for USA and UK. If we change the name, maybe we will sell more bikes in UK and USA, but less in the other country for the same reasons. And about the name, we prefer push in our strong country. But I said in UK and USA, the name is not the only problem to sell more bike, maybe the riders didn't accept to ride with a different bike without horizontal dropout,... Sorry again, We have to be better about communication to explain our standard we use, spirit,... Christian
  5. In this forum and OT forum, 90% posts talk about the wrong Crewkerz points : Names : Bad name Artwork : Color and design Standard we use : AS30, Tapered, Tensioner Weight : some hundred gr more than the other brand on the 26'' (20'' is close to the other brand and sometime lighter) 10% only talk about our good points : Warranty service 3 geo on the 26'' Strong bikes Quality/price for the Freed. If we follow these forum our bike will use the ISIS, horizontal dropout, 1"1/8 headtube,.... Trial business is too small to work around the good name for each country. We use shimano splines on these AS30 crankset. You can use Hope rearhub with thruaxle and splined (Shimano splines) sprocket instead the Freewheel on the crankset. The last year, Jack Carthy used this combinaison.
  6. AS30 use the Pressfit30 standard. Cups are pressed in the frame like the semi integrated headset. and we use standard bearing 42*7*30. Here the video to understand this standard, the last AS30 version doesn't use 2 bolts to fix the bashring.
  7. Why not ? It's just a name, we cannot have a perfect name for everybody, there are always a problem with a country, language,... Sometime the name is perfect for English users, but it can be bad for a spanish guy,... Jealousy name have a good success in France, Spain, Swiss, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Japan. But not a good succes in USA and UK. What can we do ? nothing. We cannot use different name for each country/langage. We put energy on the engeneering not on the name. It's a key point for us. If the customers choose a bike only for the name, we can stop this business. Same problem with Cleep and 100 % of production was sell in 3 weeks. Easy to put a sticker on the frame to change the name. if you have names idea for the future, your help will be good.
  8. Dear All, The new Crewkerz Jealousy 26'' will be available in some weeks, here the first view : 3 sizes (S, M & L). through axles, AS30, Tensioner, Tapered,... More informations coming soon. We are ready to hear your point of view (positive or negative) regards Christian
  9. Hello, Freed, Freed 2 and 2013 Cleep have this 26'' fork geometry : 405 mm and +40. The 2014 26'' Fork Cleep : 405 mm and +35 mm. Here a small video about AS30 : Thanks Christian
  10. Sure, It's not easy to wait 1 week without bike. but this is our way. Not the best but another way. You cannot use an alloy axle with the BB Spanish. Pressfit 30 is the best way for ''us''. Our target are quality bikes and different bikes because some riders request this. We are not a big brand like Koxx, Monty, Echo, Onza, Ozonys,... no need to pressed bearing into the cups.
  11. Yes you have to send your defected parts before your free replacement. If you have a defected Iphone or Galaxy,... These company send to you a new phone or they wait to receive your defected phone before replacement. I thing it's normal ! We use pressfit standard, no spanish BB like Deng bikes. The pressfit cups are better than BB30 with integrated bearing in the frame for Trial, easier to change bearing,....
  12. 108 engagements (9 Pawls) Shimano GXP tool :
  13. Hello, The AS30 video presentation by Trialinside : I wait your comments. Thanks Christian
  14. They ride with a Freed Bikes.
  15. Hi Rusevelt, This is just a question for our future geometries. The crewkerz Freed have only one geometry : 1070 mm 380 mm +45 mm 71,5°. with fork 405 mm and 40 mm offset.