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    current build:- echo pure 2012 frame, neon competition forks, hope headset, try all stem 127x30, magura louise front disk, hs33 rear, tenisile cranks with tenisile freewheel, k2 rims on viz hubs , tryall tyres
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  1. Does anyone know of any indoor riding spots in the north west?
  2. time to get back on the bike!

    1. trials hoe

      trials hoe

      'bout f**king time :P

  3. time to get back on the bike!

  4. Looking forward to a couple of days riding @ the weekend

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. trials hoe

      trials hoe

      will do once its together! should have a bb by tomorrow, if the one in the doesn't get here sam may have one.....fingers crossed hahaha

    3. wigantrials


      Sweet, have you been out riding lately

    4. trials hoe

      trials hoe

      nope :( not since we was out last, could have got out last week but was still building my wheels and didn't have a full bike haahaha

  5. dislocated shoulder.......Y

    1. bikeperson45


      You'll get used to it :p

  6. hi mate i liv in manchester n ride on my own most of the time jus wonderin if u fancy a ride sumtime. i have rode wigan bfre

    1. trials hoe

      trials hoe

      where abouts in Manchester you from?

  7. British weather..........wank

  8. Can only ride weekend buddy, do u ride street or natural or both
  9. anyone want 2 ride around wigan sunday
  10. hi, il be riding around the heinz factory next weekend, natural and street, feel free to come
  11. not good bending rims

  12. Sweet jus put my echo together yesterday will b gd 2 get some ridin done
  13. lol bb what a pain
  14. Anyone want to ride about 12ish