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  1. hi im gonna be in manchester tomorrow ill be there early in the morning probably ride all day if your about send me a pm
  2. hi this was my ankle back in 2012 snapped all my ligaments in my ankle fractured my toes also my ankle came out of its socket major swelling and bruising couldnt walk for 4 months still abit stiff now but its all good
  3. i bought my self a smok cube 2 this thing is unreal !!! 160w but downloaded new software which pushed it up too 180w,bluetooth,led,temp control using 3mg but to be fair since i stopped smoking my chest is better i dont wake up with a bad back as smoking can do that too you in over all e cigs are mint! my advice if your going to get one buy a decent one i started off with a kangertech starter kit which is 50w retail is £45 on amazon
  4. sounds good buddy skipton isnt that far imguessing im in the salford area ill be riding most days when i get my stock not lived here that long so you could show me where some good riding spots are
  5. yeah not that far at all mate would be good to meet another rider what bike you riding ?
  6. sweet man im only in little hulton near walkden that sounds good to me just trying to sort a bike out shouldnt be that long i will give you a mail when im ready cheers.
  7. hi im from manchester gonna be starting trials biking again was wondering if there any riders in that area or burnley as my sister lives there ?
  8. hi,guys.bin around bikie trials for a while now and finally am having a go myself! having a bit of trouble pedalkicking,can lift the front and balance ok then we have the problem, is it a matter of weight transfer? pedal power or what?over to you!