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  1. Where in telford are you. Im in donnington
  2. I live in telford. Used to ride a bit of trials. Just bought a new bike so will be out as much as possible
  3. Any 1 local to telford? A couple of us here that ride (new to it)
  4. Ye i no where u mean. Telford centers alright
  5. Where abouts u at uni??
  6. Hi is there anyone in or near telford that rides???
  7. Point proven
  8. Ive personaly done quite a few different sports but no matter what you put on here some 1 seems to have a bitch or moan about something youve said. You see it on nearly every post on here. Some of u guys need to chill out a bit, get off your ass's and go and ride. STOP THE BITCHING!!