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  1. It's strange....there's no real bite point and i feel like i have to pull the lever initially to get the brake to start but the pull a lot to get the lever to then reach what feels like a stopping point in the lever travel. Seems to take an unreasonable amount of pull compared to the SRAM X0's i've had before. Maybe a bleed is a good idea. Might now i'm thinking about just selling them and getting MT5's
  2. Yea exactly the same. A really squidgy lever. I could probably pull it right to the bar even though the reach is almost as far as it can go
  3. Do you run into issues with the lever blades digging into your middle finger when you pull hard?
  4. Really helpful feedback thanks. Decision was either to try EBC reds or just get a set of MT5's Sounds like the pad change is worth a shot
  5. Who has experience of running the EBC red pads in a Shimano zee brake? Mine are running sintered at the moment and i've barely ridden them (not enough to bed them in), but if the EBC's are as good as people say, i'll consider investing sooner rather than later
  6. So I've tried BB7 with a 203 rotor in the past and am now using a SRAM X0 Trail up front which seems to be working ok but lacks real bite and hold. I'm after a disc brake that bites hard and holds with a bit of modulation. Magura MT5's really caught my eye and have a friend who's using one with zero issues.....but i've seen some crappy feedback on the lever blade strength (including Ali C's recent retro bike 2 vid), plus Tarty seem to now have a disclaimer that they don't recommend them for trials use as they wear out/break pretty quick. The feedback on the power though is amazing, people seem to really rate them. Hope's are a possibility but again varied feedback and mainly on the power side. In short, are the MT5 levers as bad as they seem and if so what do people recommend as an alternative?
  7. Amazing. Thanks so much for putting this lot together
  8. I used to live in Dublin and there were only 2 of us that rode trials there. I'm now back in the UK and the other guy, John, now lives in Boston. Best bet it getting in contact with a chap called Cormac who lives in Limerick near the Uni (think he's called Psycholist on here). There's a few riders around that area. Tell him that Chris sent you P.s done Laoghaire is epic for trials down on the seafront.
  9. Looking to sell up. Not got the time to ride this anymore. Getting a freeride bike instead. Only changes are its now running front vbrake with Echo Urban forks, Adid SD& ti and TNN ADM's, has a pro carbon downtube protector and now has a maxxis High Roller on the rear. Hope there's some interest
  10. This would be epic
  11. They stopped people riding on campus, how rude! I used to live in Dublin and came down to ride with Cormac, John, Nathan etc every now and again. Shame that they've stopped the riding but good news that they might entertain building something specific, or at least giving you the space to do it yourself! Trials specific riding areas can be built pretty easily and cheaply if you're willing to put the time in. Myself and 5 others have recently built an indoor setup for the winter months. We committed to it and the whole thing was complete inside of just over a week and a half. A lot of hard work went in but it was well worth it. With yours being an outside setup (i'm assuming, as its next to the pump track) and bearing in mind Irish weather, youre gonna need something that can put up with the weather conditions. Make contact with stone masons, building contractors, builders merchants, rail companies, highways maintenance companies etc and see what they might be willing to pass your way. You'll be suprised how much people are willing to help. We were shocked at the amount of free stuff we got given. With your idea being part of the Uni, you've got a great chance of success. The hardest bit was explaining what it was for! It's great to see the trials community (however small it is in Ireland) is still alive and kicking. Drop me a PM if you need any advice/help coming up with ideas for the setup etc Cheers Chris
  12. 2011 HS33 seems good to me. Don't know why people are moaning about about flex.......mine seems spot on without a booster. Next to no flex at all and bucket loads of power. Maybe people need to learn how to properly bleed and set up brakes before they start knocking the product
  13. where did you find a 42a version of a a 224 Maxxis High Roller? Gotta get my hands on one of these!!!
  14. Good shout. Edited Running 18:14
  15. Never done this before but i'm real chuffed with this bike. Here's a pic Rockman Radix 24 grey Trialtech Disc Forks BB7 203 with Avid lever Front Wheel - Echo SL disc hub, Onza rim, Halo spokes, Maxxis Holy Roller 2.1 Echo Headset Tartybikes Forged 20in stem 165x35 Trialtech SL Carbon risers ODI Lockon grips Onza BB Trialtech Ti Halfring Trialtech 175mm cranks Echo SL 108 frewheel Echo TR platform pedals Rear Wheel - Echo TR hub Viz Singlewall rim, Halo Spokes, Schwalbe Big Betty 2.4 2011 HS33, TNN mounts, Tnn ADM pads 18:14 ratio Rode it for the first time last night and i love it. So nice on 2 wheels, like a pogo stick on the back wheel and so well planted.Not at all skitty on the back wheel which was one thing i was worried about. By far the nicest riding and looking bike i've riden and owned Chris Thanks to Mark, Stan and Cap at Tartybikes for all the help and advice. I rang you guys A LOT so i appreciate you answering all the questions and helping me decide