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  1. Is that a 29er? Looks very stretched out on it.
  2. Just vomited on my phone.
  3. Hi Kevin. Thanks for your message. It would be great to meet up with Aaron once he's back out. I'm old school and don't do social media but I'll pm yourself on here once I move down sure. The barn sounds amazing for winter riding. I'd be happy to help out with lighting bills etc to ride there. Cheers.
  4. Hi guys, I'm moving down to Edinburgh shortly and wondering if there are any riders about that would be up for meeting up? Cheers, Ben
  5. Like the bike bud. I got about 4 months out of my hope adapter on the rear and I'm only 70kgs and don't do big moves on the bike. I'm running the hayes one now but you never know when they'll go. Best to change it as often as you can to be safe.
  6. Aye it's riding well thanks. It's a bit beaten up since you last seen it. Snapped the rear saint and adapter as expected from trials abuse but other than that it's going good. Tempted to stick a maggie on the rear in the future. Just replaced the chain on her last week for safety. How's your new bike going?
  7. Good man Joe. Enjoyed that! Love that old cobbled wall.
  8. Yeah I'm up for that Ross!
  9. Going well on the new bike Ross. Nice location that . Must have been summer 2013 when we rode there? I'm relocating down to Edinburgh soon so I'll be nipping over your way for some riding. Will keep in touch.
  10. Tidy bike man. Enjoy her!
  11. I like the rocks in the background...
  12. Bit of exploring around Aberdeen today. Need to get the go pro closer next time. Still terrified of up to fronts.
  13. Quick spec, Inspired Arcade Fork (Sorry John I damaged the Marino fork bashing the crown race on Was raging at myself for rushing it. Rookie mistake.) Wheels - Hope trials rear hub, Whyte front hub, Mavic Rims, Maxxis Larsen TTs. (Would like to get black nipples at some point for the rear. But that's just me being fussy.) Brakes - SLX levers with Saint calipers, Trialtech pads. 180mil rotors. Cockpit - Trailtech high risers on Ritchey Comp Stem 80x30. FSA headset. Drivechain - Race Face Cranks, Superstar tensioner, KMC chain. DMR v12s. Seat - One of my favorite bits - Fly bikes Tripod.
  14. Here's my Marino 26. (1030 +5 74 380)Getting the hang of it now and enjoying learning new moves on it. Changed a few parts over the past couple of months to set it up the way I want it. Wee photo below and some raw footage. Need to start pushing myself on a bit now.