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  1. cud nya send me a pic of the magura

    cheers phil

  2. hey its about your for sale thread as i am not a full member yet i cant post to you there soooo...... I am interested how much would you like for the chris king rear hub and its it in good condition? And how old is it ? Please get back to me soon as on this comment thing on my profile thank :)

  3. from outside the shop lol

  4. yo sayin man you cool some1,s nicked my bike from outside the so if you see it take it ive seen the guy on cctv so its just a matter off time before i bump into him and when i do im gonna flying kick him in his chest lol

  5. its garland hes in leeds again this week
  6. beast vid but whats with all these africans in dp :\
  7. people need to open up to this style of trials riding its so much more entertaining than your average rider Beast riding
  8. there hasn't been a video made of this quality in a long time amazing
  9. you know i find it pretty
  10. good video solid riding and smooth although it looks like you've gained weight
  11. whats the difference between the 2 frames would you say?
  12. nice to see your back and someone is bringing tapping back into fashion and not to front
  13. that the pro set up? lovely bikes we sell these in our store and they are a machine
  14. re incarnation of chris walker lol"
  15. you running ffw rossi?