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  1. Thanks keiran it was Liam richardson old bike it was in a right mess resprayed it new cranks new freewheel,forks and that only thing needs is better back wheel
  2. Math haha u sir are guilty.
  3. Here mate just go out mun haha i was rideing in snow earlier ...
  4. What the f**k, I was being lazy and could not be arsed correcting it and i get abuse.
  5. All i asked for was how much was it worth, and i get a shit load of abuse not cool...
  6. Haha
  7. bet the keys are f**ked
  8. Mine well if my keyboard was not f**ked i could and thanks!
  9. How much is this worth Spec- Forks-Echo lites Stem Trial Tech sport Bars- Trial techs Frame Onza Comp 2010 Cranks Trial Tech Freewheel-Tensile. Pedals dmr8's Back wheel is shit Brake just needs spring and piston Picture down here thats up to date https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=566567943370967&set=a.151928388168260.33831.100000532994722&type=1&theater
  10. Thats what i thought that he was new to trials oh well sorry :') .
  11. Well that's you
  12. You may regret haveing to like stick to the bike well I would.
  13. Heat sinks are good with a grind!
  14. Tartybikes are really good but there is also Tartybikes,Rock n Roll and Trials addict.
  15. Depends on your wheight, I pump right up then let down gently while rideing. You will get the just of it :wink2: