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  1. I've said it once and il say it again, other then Carthy and hermance rolling the bars forwards massively ruines a mans style. Pavel seems hugely limited in this video by the bike, nothing grabbed me even slightly. Such a shame, cos he's a brilliant rider
  2. i see ALOT of people doing this, i find its a really simple thing to fix, as you preload lean BACKWARDS not forwards, as in, imagine your torso when your on the ascent upwards, it want to be vertical, not in any way leaning forward over the front, and also the arms, they dont want to be going forwards with a slightly flared wrist, they want to be going upwards diagnoly, its just a matter of trying to land over the centre and not puching the front wheel into it, try watching TRA sidehop, he does it similar to myself.
  3. one dropgap, im certain
  4. people are gonna get hurt on these yoke were it meets the chainstay, the gusset also ends on the weld, so effectivly all the stress is channeld through that weld, terrible design it needs pitbull wings and OVERSIZED tubes
  5. as title, selling bars is hardly worth it? 12 baz to post in the uk? :/
  6. dude that was sick! i like the fact your doing drops now!
  7. around 2 months on the jaf
  8. No, its an impact injury and my patella is screwed how i see it is, ide rather quit while i can still walk
  9. hashtag two is still due out though and theres still Neil tunni
  10. dropgap = wheels buckled a few mm = rubbing tyre on natural sections rolling of the rim slightly, unseating it = rubbing torsional twist/flex = rubbing
  11. gorgeous, but not alot of tyre clearance!
  12. Im getting more enjoyment of scaring myself then i am doing ups nowadays, i seem to be riding for the buzz like a drug addict
  13. NICE
  14. the only Gu clip on there is the sidehop, the punishing stuff is on the Jaf
  15. actually prefer that to an inspired