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  1. Alex dark at 3.33 is a decent save if you ask me! he's deffo been watching Benito
  2. SICK!!
  3. Nice riding flipp, love the sidehop at glen where you take about 2 minutes on the back wheel before you go!
  4. Awesome!! Cracking scenery too
  5. love it!! that line Steve-o did from rail to wall is purer filth!!
  6. f**king mint!!
  7. Kazzer - Pedal to the metal CLS ZOO VIDEO UNSEEN!!!
  8. there's not many folk who can deliver a video which requires a seat!! BUT..... Holy Santa claud shit! that was good!! fun to watch... class!!!!
  9. f**king mint!! makes E bikes look fun to me. its not like you don't have to pedal when going up hills... I was all against E bikes myself but after going on my mates it makes going up hills a lot more enjoyable
  10. bring back Neil!!!!!!!
  11. sick that Gary!! we will have to get a ride on the go!!!!
  12. I was thinking the same thing. no one seems to care about this type of riding anymore! baffles me how its not got any comments
  13. well that's me getting back on my bike!!!!
  14. nice one Flipp, some sick riding in there its just weird watching you with brakes your deffo the king of brakelezzzzzz
  15. nice work flipendo!
  16. sick riding and dutty choooooons
  17. Cheers cap!
  18. It’s been a while since I made a little video. Not my best riding but was nice putting a few clips together again!
  19. They were just shit mate! Trials or whatever you want to call it has come along way in the last 20 years!
  20. Thanks for all the positive feedback as always peeps
  21. im everybody's fwend! just sitting back and keeping out of it.
  22. I like cheese!
  23. Joacim nymann is the dude your on about man.
  24. tell you somert TRA knows how to ride!! a beaut of a video!!
  25. nice work mate, you ride that ozonys proper good! look a lot more natural on it that the radix