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  1. Huge thanks for that feedback Mark! It was the biggest that I ever did coming from a bunny hop. cheers!
  2. Thanks Ross!! I never tried to ride the net of that kind of table but I need to try it! Do you think the video looks to much a trick list? That’s bad?
  3. Hi guys, i was 9 days with some friends uns Barcelona just to ride my bike and have fun, and had the opportunity to record some moves there! Here’s the video and I hope you guys like it. Want to know your opinion.
  4. Really liked this one! Chill edit all about pleasure in life. Want to see more!
  5. Really nice video with the perfect vine! Ride for fun!
  6. Really nice Thread Mark! Good idea. Just putting some of my recent Insta clips here.
  7. It seem like a good idea! Are you going to be in glasgow in that time? it would be awesome if you could ride.
  8. Thanks man i'm seeing
  9. And if you share how do you do with the bike?
  10. Hi guys, I'm from Portugal and i'm going to England for the Spacemonkey party and then i'm thinking of went to Glasgow from 31 July to 6 August. I was seeing a hotel to stay but it's all expensive, so i'm asking if someone can get me a place to stay? Like a garage or something, i only need to sleep and take a bath ahahah. Cheers!
  11. Awesome afternoon ride in the streets of Lisbon with a lot of sun and nice clips. Hope you enjoy guys!