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  1. Hi Guys, how's everything going? I know that almost everyone here knows all these different ways to climb up a wall but I would like to let this video here for those who like to see this kind of video. The thing is that I'm really enjoying doing these videos, cause pushes my imagination and my capability to do them as clean as I can get ahahah. Next one will be different ways to get down a wall...
  2. Huge thanks dude, it’s nice that you think that, it was for sure the one that gave me more pain in the ass ahahah Cheers @ben_travis You need to come again! I will show a lot of new spots and ride the same ones Ahahah
  3. Cheers for the Feedback mate! It wasn’t me that edited the vídeo, o Sony have este for that linda of cut! But yeah it looked good! Huge thanks dude! Yeah I think we all need good weather now and some riding!
  4. Hi guys! I hope everyone it's ok! I wanted to share with you my last video, i think this is my best riding video, the one that i really tried my best, and tried to push my riding to another level. And i think i'm happy with it. I hope you guys like it, and i would love to know your opinion.
  5. Huge Thanks Ben, would really enjoy to ride again with you! Thanks! Yeah love this song, such a nice vibe. Yeah it was quite calm but now everything is getting worse. Thanks Shub! That was one that i really wanted to do. Yeah you can't miss it!
  6. Hi guys! Started this video during the Quarantine to have some fun reliving some of the spots where I learned to ride trials at my hometown, Algueirão Mem Martins, so the idea of the video is to show a normal day of training, preparing myself for the ride, get out pedaling and just having fun riding the streets of Mem Martins! The idea was to post this during the quarantine but due to some problems, i was only able to finish the recording now. I hope everyone enjoys it and i'm waiting for your feedback!
  7. Thanks Guys! I think this kind of videos is nice because we can get ideas for more tricks to try during this quarantine.
  8. That was the point! Thanks for the feedback Matt!
  9. Hi guys, I know that this one isn't really trials but i thought that it would be fun to just a flatground tricks video during this quarantine, so everyone can have more ideas of tricks to try. Hope you guys enjoy it!
  10. Yeah! Thanks Mark, just wanted to do something different and tech. Yes he just started riding it and he is loving!
  11. Huge Thanks dude! ahahah you don't like foot jam whip? Huge Thanks Ben!
  12. Hi Guys! Me (Ricardo), Rui Perez and Ricky Correia, decided to went for some days in Malaga just ride and have good times. We put everything in the car and did something 700km from Lisbon to Málaga. Such a rad city with a lot of good spots and good wheater! I hope you guys enjoy the video that we made, its just something soft that shows the good time that we pass there.
  13. Thanks Ross!! I'm really enjoying doing that FNM variations! Yeahh i'm always finding more and more good spots in all around Portugal!
  14. Huge Thanks guys! Cheers!
  15. Thanks for the feedback bktrll and for your advice! Next video i will try to have some of the things that you said in my mind, because that's why i did this leftovers video, there was something that i wasn't liking. Cheers!