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    Brakeless modded Onza Zoot frame,Brakeless modded trialatech fork i think, trial tech high rise bars, gripless pedals.. trialtech foam grips, BBB 90 mm stem.
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  1. Den är ju sjukt fet! Men hade kanske varit bättre med foam grips?
  2. Vimeo link.
  3. Yeah anyone know the song?
  4. So Sean sent a message to me at FB and told me to share the YouTube link because Vimeo did not work. So here it is folks! Get ready to se 100% awsomenes!
  5. I asked a question.
  6. Sorry for being grumpy I got my monthlies.
  7. Yup, but the reason i post this was that I wondered if anyone could see the film. Okey good for you.
  8. Noob? the f**k are you doing? I am a supporter. And i´m 14 years old that does not enhance my self esteem. Or, he are just trying to build some suspense?
  9. Eh? can any one watch this film? it exist on he's Vimeo page
  10. This has to be the best looking and cleanest bike ever? !
  11. What frame is this? Marino?
  12. SWEET.
  13. . no thanks I feel comfy on my bike, and I just sold my BMX.
  14. . Yeah.. 3 months I think