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  1. A 203 will fit... But it's whether or not Its likely to break something... Like I said the steerer isn't going anywhere that's for sure! I'm a big B*****d so need all the stopping power I can get! The rear Maggie seems to be working ok on smooth rim and standard pads. Strong fingers!
  2. Any ideas on the maximum size i can run on my fattys? Iv got a Hope Trial with 160mm. But being a fat feck i want more power up front. Im not really worried about the steerer snapping..... Its been repaired/ inner sleeve fitted and welded as i snapped them before! so pretty sure that wont happen again. This leaves me thinking that a 203 would be lovely.
  3. Which pump do you use on your testicles when you get on a bike? Small gaps....
  4. Iv used Sketchup to design an Electric Gate for my Dad's house, but that's about it (he used the design) I did produce a 3d model of my old house too! I had too much time on my hands back then. I wish I could use Solidworks/autocad/revit/inventor to that kinda level