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  1. As Adam the Tart said .
  2. He doesn't want to travel. He doesn't want to bloody move either . All Flipp wants is somebody local to him to ride with .
  3. Really weird having cracks on the (valve) hole .
  4. Mikey mania
  5. He from a de Spain
  6. Your edits never fail to inspire . Do you create these when you are on your own or are you riding with others? Keep them coming JB .
  7. That there Belgium fellow can still cut the mustard And that there Yorkshire MAN too. Little Lord Font Leroy isn't the only one. And his vids/edits aren't all that Pleasing on the yocks
  8. Oh please please tell, keeping shtoom just isn't fair .
  9. Won't let me watch for some reason.
  10. Also good to get a bit of background of the rider, enjoyed it well done. Where's Ben from? He doesn't sound Scottish.
  11. Why don't you just get in touch with tarty instead of hoping they read your post ? I am sure that they will sort you out .
  12. Contacts is the way if you can get used to them.
  13. Still trying to get used to the chunky new style bmx seats ,but your bike looks nice /fresh. Just wondering, is the more padded raised seat for more bar spinny moves?
  14. And we wonder why trials forum is on its knees . It's a good job we have the likes of Flipp who posts with helpful replies to new members who are genuinely trying to get involved wether they are people getting back into the sport or riders from other countries . They don't come on here to get replies like above .
  15. If its the same two coming loose there's a possibility of faulty threads in the hub. Worth checking out.