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  1. Looks smart Joe They can't be still the same forks?
  2. Nice looking bike dude but jake you need rice and peas with the fried chicken bro !
  3. If we're so bad why are u spamming this site with all your shite ? Is there not a Russian version of TF u can go annoy folks on ? Or do they hate you to in Russia ?
  4. Russians tut tut deluded people
  5. Hahaaha u faggot hook line and sinker why won't u just find a forum in ur own county ! Go suck ur knobhead president Putin off he's a willy aswell !
  6. That blow planes out the sky for fun ! Tw*t
  7. Are you really this stupid in real life ?
  8. Incredible style ! On offs do count when you piss them like you do !
  9. Loved that cracking style thumbs up mate great riding
  10. Good vid mate . I love ur preload on side hops it's fu*king mental !
  11. It's nice mate I know the earlier ones never had one and you put ur own in I belive lol
  12. Oh dear didn't you get urs off Dave Kerr he's probley gave them a good smashing lol and mine could be stiffer with it being in an internal headset I don't know ?
  13. Mine are super stiff better than my tnn forks pal
  14. Whys that ?
  15. Yea man they seem really good only had about an hours rise with them on though seem pretty stiff