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  1. Thanks dude! Yeah defo, just limited for time on this one that's all
  2. Yo people So I picked myself up a new whip on the Friday just past and headed out to the village I grew up in and where I started riding to see what I could get done! Also my first time riding one of these seated things and I'm really enjoying it! Anyway hope y'all like the video, thumbs up all round, peace and love, over and out!
  3. Thanks dude, you as well! they're home made mate, stretchy as f**k aka bang on for riding!
  4. So I've recently made the change... This was my first week riding 26" after riding 20" for the majority of the time I've been riding. Unfortunately I didn't get as much on camera as I would have liked... However here's what I did manage to get, the next video I put out will be longer! Big up Trials Addict for doing their thing! Any feed back will be greatly appreciated and I hope you enjoy! x
  5. Hi all haven't been active on here for a good while now lol Here's a quick video of my mate from Inverness Brodie Ferguson, he hasn't been out riding properly for a few years now and recently got back into it all, mofos been going massive! He's not got an account just now so asked me to share... Let's us know what you's think... Also he's looking for a decent 26" for sale chow x
  6. Is that good or bad lol In this TT 165mm by 35 rise is it? It's rubbish Thanks guys will be putting more out as of now, only just back on the bike after a long period off x
  7. Hi all Just a shortish video of a trip me and a mate went on just over a week ago, missing the place and the better weather Peace out x
  8. Sup dudes, it's been a while... Today was a memorial ride for Danny Mcbean, this is what I managed to catch on camera and produce R.I.P Danny, ride on...
  9. A wee video I made today for a bit of fun!
  10. Thanks man! Nah I couldn't ride if I tried right now! The past 3 weeks have killed me lol! What's on in Aviemore anyway?
  11. Haha! Thanks for the comments!
  12. Haha! Thanks guys Fair point... From now on you'll see no on offs, Il make sure of it
  13. Right, il keep this short... Recently I've been on a trip to Cornwall... A riding trip that is, this is what I managed to film! Also my first time riding the new frame... Hope you enjoy! As always, all feedback appreciated! Thanking you! Derek A few of my not so good clips... Gotta be better than deleting them though, right?
  14. So.. I'm looking for a new set of tyres for my 24" ozonys curve, these are pretty eye catching, I was thinking front and rear? Anybody rode them?! Anybody know what like they would be riding more TGS type trials?! If not other than a rear fat Albert and a front block 8 what are your recommendations?! Thanks a lot!
  15. Cheers men, looks like a headset rocket is about to be purchased...