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  1. Tom Huntley and Matt Pengelly get under the skin of the trials biking community. I probably won't remember to post every new episode here so if you see one missing, please add it. Available on Spotify also! There isn't a section for podcasts so I thought the videos section would suit.
  2. looks like some sort of old stunt facility
  3. if you want, sure.
  4. one for the HD big screen
  5. I just came here to post it but lemon head is on the ball. I've had that song planned for the video in June. I remember seeing someone use that song in some trials related content on instagram and had a feeling someone would think I copied them. I filmed what I thought was cool, turns out TGS is really cool and the majority of stunt men in attendance also hate having round wheels.
  6. Cool video but there is nothing in it that blew me away. I spent most of my time trying to work out where to point my eyes.
  7. just copy the page url
  8. Doing your part I see.
  9. The bb on the KO is a bit too low for my liking but its a more than capable frame. something like an echo lite would be the modern less weighty way to go for a similar geo.
  10. *Black
  11. aim for the top not the corner