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  1. Lovely riding. Thanks for making it an edit and thanks for using 4k.
  2. You're almost right, china has owned over 50% of the bitcoin miners for a looooong ass time since they have cheap coal power and miner production. Meaning they have huge control over the market. Crypto is defo a pin in the board of their plan to world domination but I don't think it will play that much of a part in it, the more global hedge funds and "big" money gets involved the more support there is at lower prices. The lower the bitcoin dominance the more money flows into alt coins and the more decentralized the whole market becomes. Ripple is trying to tie the whole space together on the back end to help the liquidity issue associated with fiat vs crypto. They're getting pretty damn far with it. currently having legal "issues" in the states with the SEC but that's more of a show and a way to set out the regulatory framework over there. XRP has still gone up 150% in the mean time. Because it was so cheap in 2019 I'm guessing you have a lot of it. If you're planning to hold ADA long term you may as well delegate your holdings to a stake pool. to work out how much you can earn. Compounding interest at higher APY than a bank is nothing to turn your nose up at. You still have 100% access to your assets and can withdraw at any time. You basically mine new coins by holding/delegating. Proof of work is a massive waste of energy and resources. It will eventually come to an end and no longer be seen as a viable solution to what ever use case its trying to serve. I'll be glad when that day comes because I will finally be able to turn my PC off and stop looking at GPU's on facebook market place every time I go to take a poo.
  3. NFT's will be huge in the future, I can easily see houses and other physical assets being held as NFT's one day. I don't see this being sustainable on the ETH network, transactions are slow and expensive. NFT's are big boy news for artists and creators because you can still get commission on the resell value. For those who don't really get NFT's just think proof of ownership and speculated asset value. Demand * supply = market value. At the moment I feel like most of it is rich crypto people buying shit for a laugh. Once the intuitional/commercial market gets involved that's when things will really kick off but I can't see that happening while its all running on the ETH network. Crypto I may or may not hold along with the current price just so I can look back at this in the future and have a little laugh or a cry: ADA - $1.44 XRP - $1.68 EOS - $8.64 XLM - $0.62 BNB - $541 XDC - $0.12 XMR - $360 LTC - $330 ETH - $2460 RVN - $0.22 ENJ - $3.11 DOGE - $0.29 I remember learning about BTC when it was <$10 in 2012. I channeled my inner autism to fully understand how blockchain works and why its important. I thought "This is going to be the next .com boom, I have a feeling I'm going to regret not buying in. Shame its only used to buy drugs." Crypto has only ever gone up, market cap is now $2.25 trillion and only 100 million people are invested. If you hold any top 10 crypto you are out performing inflation and the stock markets. Some tips: Cost average and buy the dips. never withdraw until you've 'made it'. at a loss? zoom out and hold. Doge coin is a joke, it has no technical support. (I bought some very cheap to be safe) Please don't buy when its already 600% up. any investment in it is a gamble because it has no goal or utility. Over 50% of Doge is held by 12 wallets so they have huge control over the liquidity. I can just see a lot of people losing money. Be emotionless and logical about any investment. Just think about where you are in the chain of information. Coin utility, progress and chart fundamentals are EVERYTHING. Never say to yourself "I could have had XXX amount if I ..." just take it as a lesson learned. YouTube is full of people trying to hype up things they are already invested in. Solid info and updates, you don't need to know it all to watch this guy: for absolute nerds and those who have far too much invested: Tools: for market overview: to look up coins with upcoming development upates Referral links if you so wish: Binance is the worlds biggest exchange. It can be as simple or advanced as you like. Best mobile and desktop app by far imo. (we both get 10% commission of trading fees) Coinbase is great for the newbie, although they have high transaction fees and a limited selection of coins. You can also take quizzes on coins and get a free $40 or so why not. (you deposit £100 we get £10 each) you can also use your login to get into Coinbase Pro for much lower fees and a trading chart. 2019 ADA?! I hope you're staking it.
  4. Tom Huntley and Matt Pengelly get under the skin of the trials biking community. I probably won't remember to post every new episode here so if you see one missing, please add it. Available on Spotify also! There isn't a section for podcasts so I thought the videos section would suit.
  5. looks like some sort of old stunt facility
  6. if you want, sure.
  7. one for the HD big screen
  8. I just came here to post it but lemon head is on the ball. I've had that song planned for the video in June. I remember seeing someone use that song in some trials related content on instagram and had a feeling someone would think I copied them. I filmed what I thought was cool, turns out TGS is really cool and the majority of stunt men in attendance also hate having round wheels.
  9. Cool video but there is nothing in it that blew me away. I spent most of my time trying to work out where to point my eyes.
  10. just copy the page url
  11. Doing your part I see.