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  1. Cool video but there is nothing in it that blew me away. I spent most of my time trying to work out where to point my eyes.
  2. just copy the page url
  3. Doing your part I see.
  4. The bb on the KO is a bit too low for my liking but its a more than capable frame. something like an echo lite would be the modern less weighty way to go for a similar geo.
  5. *Black
  6. aim for the top not the corner
  7. This is just nuts.
  8. yeah I'm not quite sure what vitamins that guy is on
  9. bumpo for android port
  10. Intro from Mr Lake, Riding from Diego Magno, Antonio Claret and one clip from Josh leech. All filmed on one sunny sunday in Portsmouth with an unusually large group of stunt pullers and trick makers. Diego ain't from these parts so thats why its 98% him.
  11. Don't be put off by tarty dropping out, there is still a good number of people going.