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  1. You reckon? Not a fan of chrome are we?
  2. See for me it's the cranks .... They need to be black I think
  3. As we are getting the new Marino soon thought I'd show you this one in its current state, cables getting cut Friday magura mt5 front and rear , 200 front , 180 rear, thank you Mr Travis ahah
  4. That was cool, love watching your vids, enjoy the style, how come your not on the Marino anymore?
  5. Mate ignore it all , just listen to people who have been doing it longer and let them teach you , don't argue about it
  6. Well worth the wait!!! What made you think of grey of all colors ??
  7. Where is this pic
  8. 5 of us are riding London making the trip up from Cardiff, anyone about ?
  9. Jordan to put this from a mate, it's like I've made the odd comment before about the amount of hashtags you use lol but I was one of the first two see the vid and the first thing I said was that it was old clips, as I said it flowed and everything but I was expecting more as were most... With the self promo thing I think people are on about when you tagged Danny and Ali when they have nothing nessicerily to do with the video?
  10. When you posting the rest then ??
  11. Got the frame a while back off pink bike, got it built recently as some might have seen on Facebook! Let me know what you guys think
  12. That was a nice watch, motivated me dude to get out haha, yuno what made that last clip more enjoyable... That golf in the background
  13. I have the same problem, I ended up using a half link so that the wheel moves back slighlty more, although I asked for the chainstay lengthy which matches up with a 22-15 ration not 22-16, there is not much in it but I am going to change the rear from 16-15, I ran my wheel right at the end of the drop outs for a while which also worked good, and from seeing the marks on your drop outs, did you do the same?
  14. Put a small video together from john riding rampworld last night! Also here is a video of John and I from a couple if weeks back at rush skatepark, he snapped his forks so shared my bike
  15. Where did you get the spank rims?