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  1. Al_Fel


    I'd go as far as to say people who are vaccinated have been sold a false claim about being vaccinated and are likely spreading the virus more.
  2. Be careful what you wish for. From my experience having too stiff of a brake feels awful. There has to be at least some give somewhere. Does the brake work well? If it ain't broke don't fix it!
  3. The wires are doubled up because you loop from one socked to the other and back to the board for a "ring main" most houses have the sockets in a loop. People are starting to do radial sockets with thicker cable now. I recently found out the reason we use ring mains is because there was a shortage of copper during the war. Looking at those wires I'd 100% say the house needs a rewire to bring it up to modern standards. I'm sure it will all work and be fine but its definitely due an overhaul.
  4. Would it be easier to do two spokes at once? (From the rim through the hub then back out the hub to the rim again) I know this might mess tensioning up etc (Could possible sort that with a couple of knots at the hub?) but it might make it easier?
  5. So we've gone from manly trials riders with scars up our shin to old women knitting.
  6. Al_Fel


    I feel the same way. I've had my jabs. Didn't feel too great after them to be honest. Had a bit of chest pain but everything seems back to normal now for me. I'm not interested in Booster Jabs. I just wanted to get the basic 2 jabs and forget about it. I've said it before about getting the flu jab. I don't get that every year so I can't really see why I should get a Covid Jab. Especially when I had the full fat version and other than feeling pretty tired it wasn't too bad.
  7. The Joe Biden one at the start killed me.
  8. Al_Fel

    Man Next Door

    1:10 in I thought you were going round the corner for a second. I wouldn't put that past your abilities. Also it wouldn't be a Flipp video without seeing you eat absolute shit at least once on a bail. Great video really enjoyed it!
  9. Al_Fel


    And bullshit like that is the reason they get away with messing about doing gain of function research.
  10. Al_Fel


    So this virus that came from someone eating a bat in China has nothing to do with the Bio lab in Wuhan? That's a really freaky coincidence.
  11. Al_Fel

    TF Makers

    Looking good! Plenty of meat on that timber to use it that way round. Those discs on that kids bike look insane haha
  12. I'm also pro E bike. I think they are amazing and they can give people who aren't so fit a route into big rides and people who are mega fit can just get so much more done in the same time. I don't own an E bike and I don't plan on buying one any time soon though!
  13. I think Augmented reality will become a huge thing and just blow up over night. It will be when VR headsets become totally wireless. All you need is a camera on the front and everything you see can be altered. I had the idea of using it to design layouts for your home. You could walk round an existing building and see how it would be when its finished. That would help with the placement of all the services, what you can fit where and what layouts look good to you.