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  1. Maybe fail some side hops so you end up with "tactical" dents in the chain stays...
  2. I really don't know. No one has told us either. He's had a few letters and phone calls asking him to go in for his vaccine but he was in hospital at the time. It's a bit of a shit show to be honest.
  3. Just though I'd give a little update on my dad if anyone was interested. He's been home since Monday and he's doing well. He lost a lot of weight and muscle mass. He can just about walk but gets out of breath easily. It's going to take a long time to get him built up again but he's definitely on the way. One of the worst things was when he came off the ventilator and they brought him round he was suffering with Delerium. It was a horrible experience. He wasn't himself and all his dreams felt like real events to him. It took about 2-3 weeks for that to settle down. Anyway I'm so lucky that we managed to get him home and he's still with us. It's been a horrible experience but it could have been worse.
  4. Oh yeah of course. To get the theory of it cad might help. In the real world you need to make adjustments and sacrifice.
  5. I've done bits and bobs on roofs in my time but this was the first substantial one I've ever done. It went a lot smoother than I thought it would. If you're putting measurements into cad i think you'll struggle. Every piece of wood is different and nothing is straight. You've just got to do the best you can. I did everything myself with help from my dad and his mate passing things and holding things etc. Made a few mistakes and got a few things wrong but it works. It's water proof and hasn't blew off in the winds we've had recently so I'm happy with that.
  6. Try buying an inspired bike haha. I think they will be fine! It is a shame they can't compete with the big boys though.
  7. My favourite bit is when a single spec of dust goes in your throat and your whole body dries out. It's nasty but amazing stuff! Expensive though.
  8. Really? I feel like I paid too much! haha
  9. Thanks boys. Haha yeah pretty much doubled the size of the house. Still not sure how I managed to get away with it with the planning! I got really lucky with my neighbours too.
  10. This was my house paid £125,000 (£130,000 with stamp duty and fees) on the 6th of November 2019. Decided to do an extension and this is where I'm up to. About £40,000 in and still got all the inside to do. A series of lock downs and trying to do as much work by myself has taken its toll. I've done everything except the brick work. Will hopefully get it finished some time this year and be able to move in.
  11. Glad I was wrong about them forks haha. Made chuckle that it was the rotor
  12. Nice! I like the rough look haha. You've even got the classic Argos catalogue backwards forks.
  13. I think freewheels are stronger than freehubs because of how the forces are transferred. The ratchet mechanism on a hub is offset to the chainline so when the force is applied it can all twist from the leverage of the axle and cassette carrier. I remember when I used to take my old hope bulb apart there would be teeth marks in the body around the pawls. With a screw on freewheel you've got all that force going right down the centre evenly. There's no twist.
  14. Honestly if he gets it keep a close eye on him. My dad felt a bit ill with it to begin with then started feeling better a few days in. After about a week he hadn't been eating or drinking properly and his temperature was uncontrollable. I think it's important to keep your fluids up to help fight this virus. My dad would improve and his temperature would settle when he drank water. It really is a lottery for what it can do to you. I was thinking back to how he could have contracted it and I came to the conclusion its possible he got it from the chippy. We all had the same meal a few days before but my dad and sister shared a pot of curry. Both of them suffered with diarrhea and both them were worse than me and my mum. I'm probably totally wrong but seeing on the news about there being ice cream contaminated and that being the only link I could think of which would effect my dad and sister. I've got no way to prove it but it makes sense and connects for me.