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  1. It's not the 7th core its the 7th item from the list in the book. Nearly all the core holes seem to show similar markings but the question is are they in a spiral like core number 7? Here are some examples It's hard to tell from a picture but the lines looks pretty consistent to me. I agree its not a huge leap to assume they used what they had to make the core holes. It's still however an assumption of how they did it rather than a proven method. There seems to be a lot of core holes about but no tools capable of making them. Therefore ALIENS! (I am joking)
  2. How many cores like this exist? I'd Imagine not that many because they were the waste material. How many of them are available for testing? Most people seem to think it's impossible and wont entertain the possibility so its not worth the time/effort/money in doing any testing. Where's the evidence of the Egyptians having tools capable of drilling these core holes? There's been plenty of tools found but none of them seem to be able to produce a core hole? If the spiral was made from withdrawing a jammed tool then they removed it one direction, in a consistent and continuous motion. I personally have drilled core holes into brick before and when it gets stuck the core snaps and the only real way I personally have found to get it out is to wiggle it. Totally different tools, methods and material I know but I'm just sharing my experience. That's impressive and accurate.
  3. Ok that's your opinion. Care to explain how a spiral groove could occur on the core? Also this is aimed at forteh because he is a clever bastards and knows a lot about engineering. How would you say they drilled these holes in the corners? If you look at the right hand side of the picture it looks like a small lip on the inside corner. Could that be from some kind of machine mark or even some kind of jig that's been used? 2:34 on the video you see a line about a foot down from the top going from left to right. Surely you wouldn't see something like that with chisels? I'm not being funny I'm just curious what your take on how they did it would be.
  4. When you put it that way I can see where you are coming from. I've got lost in the mystery and I've bought into the crazy theories that are going round. Fair enough. You say there isn't a shred of evidence but surely these mysterious structures all over the planet made with methods relatively unknown are some kind of evidence? A lot of the current theories don't seem to be based on solid evidence as far as I can tell. By that I mean the current theories jump to conclusions about the tools they must have used. For instance the cutting and drilling of huge granite stones. There's no evidence of any of these tools capable of doing such feats. By that I'm talking about large saw blades and core drill bits. So the best they can say is they had bronze chisels, ramps, rope and sleds so that's how they did it. As has been shown it is possible to work with hard stones such as granite with these primitive tools I totally agree on that. I personally don't think the time it would take to make all these objects in such a manner is realistic. You have the argument that they had nothing better to do and they were all slaves to the will of a King/God. Again this is my personal opinion but I don't think that was the case. I think they had other methods of working with the stone that we just don't know about now or understand. I'm not claiming magic abilities I'm talking about stuff that's been lost in history. I'm pretty sure we can all agree that the pyramids etc are amazing structures and there is a mystery about them. There is no solid evidence on how they were built so its all just a best guess scenario. I think its fair to say that these megalithic structures are world wide and some share very similar features. Also the methods used to build them seem to have been lost in history. What I see when I see the crazy people videos on YouTube are massive megalithic structures sometimes in ruin with much lesser work built on top. Then you see sites of mass destruction with stone work destroyed and recycled by other cultures after. If you take drill core number 7 and look at the spiral cut the one thing you have to agree is that whatever made the groves on the core did it in a continuous motion. Whatever method that was is different to using a bow and back and forth motion which is what is believed to be the method of cutting core holes. Let's say it was just crank on the top and someone was cranking it round with their hand, there's no evidence of them using methods or tools like that. So as simple as that is I'd still say it was a lost technology. I think most people probably think my idea on all this is that they had anti gravity platforms and lasers and all crazy Alien (to us) tech. I really don't! I think it was all done with relatively simple technology or methods that we just don't know about today. I've used the word advanced technology and that probably throws people off. The example of the Roman Concrete is a good one. We have concrete now but their concrete was better than ours is today. I'm probably contradicting myself with what I've just said but I think its a very interesting subject and I'm enjoying learning more about it.
  5. Wow I am stupid. I googled it and saw 20,000 tons as the world record for a lift. I read it as 20tons because I'm stupid. So yeah hahaha what a fool.
  6.,_Thanjavur There's a 25 ton dome and 80 ton granite block at the top of this tower. "Built by Tamil king Raja Raja Chola I between 1003 and 1010 AD" This kind of thing takes the shine off the Pyramids. If these feats were achieved so recently why is there no mention of how they did it? I googled it and I can't find a crane big enough to lift a 25 ton block at all never mind an 80 ton block 60 meters high. If anyone could show me a modern method of getting an 80 ton block up that high I'd appreciate it. Let's say they used a ramp. That ramp would be one hell of a construction. Anyone got anything to say about this? Bloody India seems to be another can of worms. These crazy feats of megalithic building really are all over the world.
  7. Right 500 years ago isn't that long ago really. I know there are windmills/water mills and stuff like that with complex mechanisms that used huge stones to grind flower. Not sure how old the windmills or water mills are but that could explain the rocks. I got a bit over excited with this one. I think his explanation is just him getting a bit too excited too. Anyway those 10 ton doors really are something! 5:30 in things get a bit more interesting.
  8. This guy gets off to slow start but things do pick up. The more I look into ancient times the more I'm blown away.
  9. Thanks for that! It's very interesting. That cheese was nuts haha. There's so much to still be discovered. I wish more people would put resources into learning more about our past. A few quotes from the ramp they found in Egypt: “It’s a stretch to take an alabaster quarry and say this is how the pyramids were built, because the pyramids weren’t built out of alabaster,” she says. “The way that the ancient Egyptians cut and moved stone is still very mysterious.” “We actually don’t know [their] mechanism of cutting hard stones like red granite,” she says. “And we still don’t know how the ancient Egyptians lifted blocks weighing hundreds of tons up the sides of the pyramids.” It really is still all a mystery. I know I get crazy but I'm a fairly logical and reasonable person (So I believe) It really does get to me when people just dismiss anything that isn't really plausible and chalk it down to just hard work and being a slave. Fair enough some of the theories I've suggested are out there I understand that. But to just ignore everything and accept the first answer is crazy to me. I'll give that podcast about Atlantis a listen. If you want to watch a crazy YouTube video on Atlantis then I'd say try this one out As you'd expect there's outlandish claims with virtually no evidence but at the same time I believe there's some good points being made.
  10. OK let's say they are all lying. I don't see anyone else sharing these amazing structures from around the world or questioning the current theories. I don't blame them for wanting to make money. We live in a society of e-begging now. People want your clicks I understand that.
  11. Capricorn ???> Sagittarius ???> Scorpio ???> Libra ???> Virgo ???> Leo the Lion: Could that be the sphinx?> Cancer ???> Gemini ???> Taurus: the bull: as depicted in India and a holy animal > Aries: the goat: Jew's are linked to this with the Rams horn > Pisces: the fish: Jesus is said to be a fisherman > Aquarius the water bearer: (bit of a leap here) Global warming causing the sea levels to rise.. Is all that a coincidence? or are these cultures influenced by the star signs? Anyone else feel free to fill in any blanks if you can think of anything? I'm just having a bit of a thought here. I don't know enough about the procession of the equinoxes but I do know it's a lot of calculations to work it all out. This is something that's been around for 1000's of years.
  12. I see where you are coming from. I'm imagining there wasn't that many of them about. I'm taking a few thousand maybe? I really don't have the answers. Maybe these elongated skull people are them and there's plenty of them about but people wont look into it because they might be seen as crazies? You're assuming you need something harder than granite to cut granite? Maybe they had a method of making the granite softer so it could be worked with virtually any tool or even a particular material. There might be some kind of frequency that makes this happen. If you look at the scoop marks at the quarries in Egypt you can see similar scoop marks in Peru and it looks like the stones have been softened and squashed together. This could very well be a totally plausible process that we just don't know or understand right now. The Romans had their own concrete that gets harder over time that we didn't understand until recently maybe its a similar situation to that? What if these elongated skull people have a different brain to us humans that can see things we can't? for instance different frequencies of light or magnetism or another some kind of thing that exists that we just don't know about. I know i'm really going out there with all this and there's no evidence to say otherwise but that's part of the fun of it for me. Please take it easy on me people I'm just trying to promote the discussion. I'll give that video a watch. Removing material to create stone structures at the source is found in Peru and Egypt. I shared the videos of the huge columns in the original thread and I was told it could have all been done with a hammer and chisel. Plus it's all in soap stone which is a very soft stone. There it is. I look at that and I see a giant lathe. To suggest it was all done by hand doesn't make any sense to me. There's also sculptures of tiny skulls on there too that blow me away.
  13. Maybe it is all there we just don't know how to use it? Those skulls are interesting to me. Another thought is maybe the civilisations that came after it all happened found these tools and re-purposed them? I agree there is a huge lack of evidence but then there's also a lack of evidence that the Egyptians built the pyramids. I don't see any Bronze tubes, I don't see any lifting equipment, I don't see any huge saws that could be used to cut though granite? All I see are basic tools that would fit in with the Egyptians having some ability to carve rocks and make certain things but not others. It really is a mystery and I've jumped in at the deep end and I'm all over the place following crazy paths. But what if one of them was right? If people just sat there and accepted what everyone else thinks then current theories wouldn't be challenged and new theories wouldn't be thought up. You're thinking their advancement are the same as ours. I'm not suggesting that at all. Re-bar is used in concrete there's no such structures like that from ancient times. The impressive stuff is huge hard rocks. Again you're looking at it as if it would happen to us now. I'm not saying that at all. Humans have now took over the planet and evidence of us is rife. I'm sure if something happened now then in a few thousand years there would still be plenty of evidence we were here. You've got to think that a huge extraterrestrial impact would change the entire eco system of the planet. Maybe they gathered what they could and hid underground? there might be a cave system somewhere full of lost ancient tech haha. By you asking these questions it gives me more of an idea of what you think my ideas are. I'm definitely not explaining myself well enough. I'm trying my best but there's so much information to get out its hard to do. I'm over it. You're obviously not the only one that thinks I'm "f**king nuts" I just think there's more to it and its worth discussing and not just saying its a load of conspiracy nonsense etc.
  14. Exactly that. An extraterrestrial impact. This guy has another hypothesis on how the Carolina Bays were formed. He's basically saying there was an Extraterrestrial impact in North America which obliterated an Ice sheet shooting more debris up into the air and back down. His research shows that the signature of the impacts at the Carolina Bays shows they came from on the planet and could more than likely be huge ice blocks falling down from the initial impact which fired it all into the air. I really don't know like you say haha but I think it would have been a small civilisation with technology not necessarily rivalling our abilities today but of a different source, they could of had some methods of manipulating dense rocks which we don't know of today. They could have used other methods of electricity or even something we haven't discovered yet! This is all purely speculation and its impossible to know what it could have been. I'm not saying it was basically like we are today far from it. My view is that these people could have been developing for 1000's of years on a totally different path to what we are on now. They got mostly wiped out and some of their technology and abilities got passed on. Some things got lost completely and others people just didn't know how to use. These skulls are brushed off as nonsense but what if they aren't? What if these were the people of ancient times or ancestors of them and they somehow integrated with humans? We know that different types of Hominids were around at the same time Homo Sapien and Neanderthal what if there was another type of humanoid? I know this is all a fairy tail and I probably look even more mental now for bringing it up but I'm not saying I 100 percent believe it. I'm saying I believe it could be possible. Or maybe it was just Aliens after all.
  15. I totally agree I'm not saying the Egyptians were useless. They obviously had great skills and clever ways of doing things. I don't believe they were slaves and I don't believe they were as religious and god fearing as people make out. I'd argue the case that most people from 1000's of years ago were well educated and had a better understanding of their surroundings than most people do today. You say the Greeks mapped the stars but I think you'll find the Egyptian's had already inherited a lot of Knowledge about the stars. (Source I brought it up in one of the deleted threads about astrology (by that I mean the naming of the stars and signs of the Zodiac etc not your weekly horoscope) The Egyptians knew all about it. From what I can work out they lived in the Aeon of Aries the ram. This would also relate to Judaism and the significance of the Rams horn and other Religious artefacts regarding Rams etc. We currently live in the Aeon of Pisces the fish. That would make sense of "Jesus" being a fisherman etc the next Aeon is Aquarius the water barer which is in about 2150. This knowledge of where the earth is in regards to the stars in the sky is incredible when you look at what tools they had available to them. That is evidence of some amazing minds to plot all that out. It also shows me personally that they didn't have religion the way we have it today. The current take on religion is only a relatively new thing as far as I know. The King James Bible was published in 1611 and it was based on the dead sea scrolls. All these stories have been misconstrued and made to fit a total fiction. That's how I see it anyway. If you wan't to know more watch Zeitgeist part 1 on YouTube. I've posted that video in here as well a few pages back. The reason I mention the knowledge of the ancients is because it could point to a higher civilisation that got wiped out by a natural disaster and only some of their knowledge survived. Regarding the bobbly walls according to historians the walls in Egypt were made in 2510 BC the walls in Cusco built around 1100 AD. If it was the Egyptians who travelled to Peru then it took them a few thousand years to get there and the DNA evidence of people in the area doesn't show that being the case haha. In my mind I'm building up a good case for a lost ancient civilisation that got decimated about 12000 years ago. All the pieces of the puzzle are slotting in for me. No one can see into my mind and see how I see it and I'm trying to explain as much as I can but obviously the links I'm making in my head aren't apparent. Everyone will probably think I'm f**king nuts for bringing religion into it. I am bringing it into the discussion but not in the way you might be thinking. As far as I'm concerned Jesus didn't exist. He's a story based on the sun at the winter solstice. (watch zeitgeist part 1 for a full explanation) The dead sea scrolls could possibly be stories from this ancient civilisation that may have existed. It's all speculation but I find it really enjoyable and I've learned so much. I hope other people reading this thread have learned something too. At the very least this thread has proved to be quite popular and entertaining. There's always going to be exceptions some new builds will be much better quality than others. Generally though I personally have found the quality of new build houses is awful and they wont last more than 20 years in my opinion. Agreed there isn't the skill of the workforce that there used to be. Everything is done on price work (getting paid for the job not your time) so people are shitting stuff out as quick as they can to make as much money as they can. It's all about speed and low costs.