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  1. I think freewheels are stronger than freehubs because of how the forces are transferred. The ratchet mechanism on a hub is offset to the chainline so when the force is applied it can all twist from the leverage of the axle and cassette carrier. I remember when I used to take my old hope bulb apart there would be teeth marks in the body around the pawls. With a screw on freewheel you've got all that force going right down the centre evenly. There's no twist.
  2. Honestly if he gets it keep a close eye on him. My dad felt a bit ill with it to begin with then started feeling better a few days in. After about a week he hadn't been eating or drinking properly and his temperature was uncontrollable. I think it's important to keep your fluids up to help fight this virus. My dad would improve and his temperature would settle when he drank water. It really is a lottery for what it can do to you. I was thinking back to how he could have contracted it and I came to the conclusion its possible he got it from the chippy. We all had the same meal a few days before but my dad and sister shared a pot of curry. Both of them suffered with diarrhea and both them were worse than me and my mum. I'm probably totally wrong but seeing on the news about there being ice cream contaminated and that being the only link I could think of which would effect my dad and sister. I've got no way to prove it but it makes sense and connects for me.
  3. Just thought I'd let everyone know my experience with Covid-19. I've been perfectly fine, barely a cough, felt a bit tired and a bit weak. Got a little bit out of breath going up and down the stairs and had a slight pain in my chest. I lost my smell and taste about a week ago. According to track and trace I'm allowed to go back out tomorrow. My mum has been the same as me and my sister has been a little bit worse but had diarrhea as well. My dad on the other hand is currently in the critical care unit on a ventilator. It's not looking good for him. He suffered the worst out of all of us and tried to stay home for a long as possible. He's 75 and has COPD. He's a fit 75 and the doctors have said he really doesn't look it at all. He was fine to being with but his temperature started going out of control and he would have bad turns a few times a day. This went on for about 3 days until he finally gave up and had to go in to hospital. We had an ambulance out to him 3 times and the first two times they said he would be better off at home. Finally he said he felt like he needs to go into hospital and that's not like him at all so he must have felt bad. While he was in hospital he gradually got worse his temperature was all over the place and he ended up having to be sedated and put on a ventilator. Things have settled down now he is in an induced coma and on a ventilator but he's in a really bad way and they said things could suddenly take a turn for the worst. I just want people to know that there aren't any set rules for this virus. I wouldn't know I had it unless I'd tested positive and eventually lost my sense of taste but that was about a week into having it. Most people will probably be fine but if there is any kind of weakness this virus seems to exploit it. I don't feel comfortable going back out into the world tomorrow for fear of spreading it to someone else. You can't just look out for High temperature, cough or lost of taste and smell. There is more to it than you realise.
  4. I really don't know. Possibly from my niece who's 6 and had to see her father in Manchester (long story he's an idiot). My sister does a bit of the food shopping as well so that's also a possibility. The track and Trace has been a joke. I got a message on the 12th of January saying to Isolate until the 5th of January.
  5. This breaks it down into 6 categories. It makes a lot of sense because it seems to impact people differntly. Me, my mum and sister have all lost our smell and taste but my dad hasn't. He's suffering a lot more than us and it's mainly due to his high temperature. He doesn't drink as much water as he should either. I thought Covid-19 was mainly a high temperature and a cough but there's a lot more to it than that. I'm nearly a week in and I feel like I'm just at the start of it still.
  6. The frame comes with 135mm spacing. Edit - I'm stupid and don't read things properly.
  7. Look at this classic beauty
  8. Not from November to February in England
  9. We've all been taking Vitamin D for a while now. I couldn't say how my levels are without getting some kind of test but I assume with taking the tablets it should be alright. I don't feel the sickest I've ever felt but I don't feel great either. I think I'm probably coping the best out of everyone but I'm the youngest (other than my 6 year old niece who is perfectly fine). I've started showing symptoms since Friday so its still early days yet.
  10. Currently living in the house of Rona. My dad and sister tested positive Tuesday last week and me and my mum tested negative. I've definitely got it now. So far it hasn't been too bad but its still early days. My dad is 75 and has got COPD he had a bit of a wobble last night because he felt cold and over did it trying to get warm and was in a state of delirium. It's definitely not just a high temperature and a cough to this virus. I've hardly got a cough but will do the odd cough throughout the day. My chest feels tight and I've had pains there too. Here's a list of ongoing symptoms and we've had/got pretty much everything on here between us. Respiratory symptoms Breathlessness Cough Cardiovascular symptoms Chest tightness Chest pain Palpitations Generalised symptoms Fatigue Fever Pain Neurological symptoms Cognitive impairment ('brain fog', loss of concentration or memory issues) Headache Sleep disturbance Peripheral neuropathy symptoms (pins and needles and numbness) Dizziness Delirium (in older populations) Gastrointestinal symptoms Abdominal pain Nausea Diarrhoea Anorexia and reduced appetite (in older populations) Musculoskeletal symptoms Joint pain Muscle pain Psychological/psychiatric symptoms Symptoms of depression Symptoms of anxiety Ear, nose and throat symptoms Tinnitus Earache Sore throat Dizziness Loss of taste and/or smell Dermatological Skin rashes Generally I don't feel too bad but I'm struggling to get a good sleep of a night. Through the day I feel fine. It's still early days though so I'm assuming things will get worse. From what I can tell it's different for different people and there's no set way to combat it. I don't think 10 - 14 days isolation from testing positive will be enough for my family to prevent spreading it. Just giving people my experience so far. I think a lot of people including myself aren't/haven't took it seriously enough. I don't think our Government have done enough to stop the spread because I don't think people have confidence in them. AT the same time I think people should take responsibility for their own actions and understand there is actually a very serious virus kicking about and although most people will be fine and recover a lot of people will suffer and die because of it. That might seem like a ramble and not have any structure but I just wanted to get it out there.
  11. It's like if you put wings on a car it doesn't turn it into a plane. The car might get the speed to take off but once its in the air it has no propulsion.
  12. Planes are powered by either a jet or a propeller so if that engine is working and going at take off speed then there must be some kind of air flow going towards the plane. How fast the wheels are going doesn't matter planes don't even need wheels. As long as there's enough airflow going over the wings it will take off.
  13. I identify as a woman driver and I find this offensive!
  14. That's clearly fake but it's not clear at all because I'm doubting myself now.