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  1. I posted it on a local facebook page. Most people seem to think its a horse trough/feeder, some people seem to think its a septic tank. I don't think its big enough to be a septic tank personally but you never know. A few people have also said its the bottom of an air raid shelter but again I don't think its big enough.
  2. I've been doing some "digging" the other kind and word on the street is it used to be Farmland in that area.
  3. Bootle near Liverpool. Johnston Avenue.
  4. Managed to lift the box up a bit and prop it up with bricks. I also dug under the square bit. I though there might be some kind of drainage but there wasn't anything there.
  5. The current house was build late 70's early 80's but that was to replace the original house that was built earlier (The gable ends of the houses in the street were cracking and it was cheaper to just build new houses). Not sure when though. One of the neighbours mentioned something about an underground stream and another one said the water table is high. He seemed to think it could have housed a pump of some kind to keep on top of the water. I very much doubt that though. Virtually everyone has said it looks like some kind of animal feeder.
  6. The garden is raised about 3ft
  7. The internal dimensions are 4ft long and 20 inches wide
  8. I really haven't got a clue what it could be. The edge around it has like corrugated tiles in vertically. They have been broke off and just the bottom of them is left so I don't know how high they would go up. I don't know what the recess is for on the bottom right either. The step slopes into it whatever it is. I thought that was some kind of drainage but its just blank. My initial thoughts when I started digging it out was air raid shelter of some kind. Maybe for a single person but I very much doubt that. I'm curious as to why it was cast with the rounded corners? I might have to start digging underneath it and see how thick the base is.
  9. I'm doing an extension and I've been digging the garden back to make space for a patio area. Can anyone help me identify what this box is or was? It's been back filled with all melted junk. It's got a steel bar that goes around the outside of the ledge. It looks like there were corrugated tiles going up around that step too. Any help appreciated I've already ruled out Aliens/Lost ancient technology so we can all skip that joke. Thanks.
  10. Bummer! It made me sad remembering him but happy at the same time. He was a good kid. Surprised me and JTM made the cut to be honest haha!
  11. This thread just reminded me of Janson. He was the man for all the old videos. His Rank says "Old video God" haha. Legend.
  12. I've got a GT Omega Master or something. It's been a good chair to me. I did however manage to break the base a few months ago. I just got it welded though which wasn't too bad. I think if you go for the cheapest gaming style chair you'd be pretty happy. They are all probably made in the same place anyway haha.
  13. Working version This has a "Aliens are real I saw them with my own eyes" interview vibe about it, but I thought it was relevant for this thread. I found the part where Shi Zhegli had already infected mice with the corona virus and wanted to infect primates very interesting. She also wrote papers all about it years ago. Did the virus have anything to do with the Bio Lab in Wuhan? Or was the Bio Lab there because it was the most likely place where it was going to happen? If I had to guess I'd say Shi Zhenli was playing with fire.
  14. My mate works for poop and they are the same. They pay over the odds for stuff and its just a total waste of money. I imagine the people that do the buying get some sort of kick back from it all. I can't think of any logical reason to be paying more for stuff you are buying in bulk.
  15. Where is your evidence for this? I'm only joking. I saw something about someone making ventilators for $300 each instead of $30,000 each. Why is so much money wasted? How come it takes something bad like this to happen for people to realise that $30,000 is too much money for a single ventilator? There's probably plenty of money going into healthcare systems its just badly managed.