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  1. I'm not saying I agree with everything these people are saying. You've got to have a bullshit buffer with these videos. I look at them hollow skulls and I personally can't see how you could do that with a chisel. I think the point he's trying to make about not being able to get his 3mm twig in the gap is that the tool to make the cut out would have to be smaller than 3mm. That's a tiny chisel and a lot of skill to be able to do that.
  2. 2:41 into the video? I noticed that myself. So you don't think any of the others were done on a lathe?
  3. That says a lot to me. What we get taught in high school is a stripped down easy to understand version of certain things. That's why you have higher education to go into much more detail. Maybe the evidence is out there or has been found and just hasn't been analyzed properly? Speaking of giant lathes... That to my uneducated self looks like those pillars were turned on giant lathes. The skulls on that dudes hat are impressive too. I'm not saying its ancient technology I'm just blown away with what's out there all around the world.
  4. Ok that comment didn't come across how I would have liked it to. I'm feeling a lot of aggression, patronising and disdain towards me as well. Is it so wrong to question something that can't be proven? I'm trying to inspire people to look at something amazing and offer up their own take on it. Obviously none of us are historians or scientists in the the field ancient Egypt etc. I'm not one for reading text books or studying things. I'm more visual and practical in how I learn. I'm always learning and it's not something I ever intend to stop doing. I appreciate everyone's input into this thread and I know I'm probably coming across as some kind of ignorant, gullible fool for asking these questions and being inspired by someone who isn't accepting the "mainstream" way of thinking. I'm sorry if I'm annoying anyone but is it so wrong to question thing's? If you think you can piece together all of history from what evidence has been found so far then I think you are wrong. Not everything that happens leaves evidence! You can only build up an idea and have theories on what there is to go from. Sorry again for being that annoying person that's causing frustation. But I'm not sorry for asking questions.
  5. There's no evidence the Egyptians built the pyramids. Where's the evidence they carved the giant granite boxes?
  6. I agree he does push his idea of them having power tools. But if you forget all that you have to admit their skills, tools and methods used exceed what the historians think? I think he makes good points about the work being older then we believe. Would it be so out there to imagine that 12000 years ago there was a different group of people that made a lot of this stuff, something catastrophic happened to them and the eqyptains came along and took over what was left?
  7. Only me again. Just wondering how someone could bash these shapes out without breaking the things.
  8. I'm probably talking to myself about now but I wonder what the repetitive strain injuries were like in ancient egypt? Keeping everyone fed must have been a massive task as well. I wonder how many tons of copper was needed to make all the tools? There must have been an industrial scale of tool making. It's crazy how all these massive granite blocks have been spread about the place like rubble as well. A lot of effort must have went into destroying them and moving them about the place so much. From the video of the demonstration of them cutting that stone it took them about an hour to cut 4mm deep over about 1 meter distance. Anyone fancy doing some calculations as to how long it would take to make a box?
  9. Fair play to the Inca people for shifting them rocks up that mountain...
  10. People are always going to try and make money out of anything they can. I'm not saying I've got the answers and I'm not agreeing with everything they are saying. I'm looking at these amazing structures and wondering. I'm questioning the theory that these things were produced with simple tools over thousands of hours work. I find this subject very interesting and I can't help but think there's a lot more to it than we think.
  11. A rope cut? I think that is a bit far fetched. That would be impressive to be able to make so many cuts with ropes. How do you hollow the insides out and get it so square? I'm not sure about you but I can see two cuts from both sides. To me it looks like a curved edge which you couldn't get from any kind of bow saw. That picture does help explain what you are talking about. I understand a rope would eventually cut into the granite. We aren't talking about a few cuts on a canal though. I'm talking about thousands of structures and objects.
  12. That looks like a saw cut to me. The angle it goes off on seems pretty significant if you were cutting into that for hours at a time I'm sure you'd notice it sooner? See how it tapers to a point as well? Not sure you'd get that effect with a copper saw blade. If you can look at that wonkey cut and say that happened over a period of hours I'd be inclined to say you were deluded. This video is a bit harder to watch but it show some interesting things.
  13. We are talking periods of thousands of years. The reason I'm saying Diamond tipped tools is because that's the best we have today and what is known to us. You seem to be of the opinion we know everything there is to possibly know. There is still a big mystery around the pyramids and other megalithic structures. I think its important to invest some thought into what went on.
  14. Yeah I see where you are coming from now. I agree with what you are saying there. It was getting late and "my brain wasn't working properly" (I'm sure you agree with that statement haha) When it comes to history you can't say because there's no evidence it never existed. Now that might sound like a crazy statement but I'll explain myself. Say for instance the egyptians built a granite bike and someone didn't like it so they destroyed it. That bike would no longer exist but you can't say it never existed in the first place! That's an extreme example I know and that way of thinking wouldn't be productive and anyone could just come out with any crazy explanation. But 1000's of giant granite blocks do exist and no one actually knows how they were made. I agree you can go off what evidence is there and assume. But is it really realistic to think they would invest so much time and effort into everything? I personally can't make that jump. If I did accept they used these primitive methods to build everything then I think you'd have to increase the timescale it was all done in. You think its a huge leap to think there was another group of more ancient people than the egyptians that built the pyramids and I think its an even bigger leap to believe they invested so much time into all these amazing structures. You are defending the theory of how these things were made and I'm questioning it.
  15. From what I can see whoever built the pyramids and many of the other megalithic structures around the world didn't use mortar. Everything looks to me like precisely cut stone slotted together. Any other work appears to have been done after the initial build and in an attempt to restore what was already there. I'm saying that box was built with more than copper tools because I personally think you'd struggle to make something like that with anything less than diamond tipped steel blades (which I have used personally). I don't understand what you are going to do with an expanding wooded wedge to carve a box like that. I don't understand what you mean by you can't hunt or gather so that doesn't mean early man had guns? I'm not saying that rich people can't make crazy demands and have them fulfilled. I just can't see how that's the case when it comes to these ancient megalithic structures. Is it so hard to believe that maybe our past a lot longer than we believe it is right now? Did you look at any of that last video I sent? Does that not make you wonder at all? Are you genuinely just happy to think that it was all done slowly over thousands of years by the egyptians? Why did it all stop? How did all the techniques and skills get lost? I get the impression that you think we know it all so there's nothing else to learn. (you are obviously asking for evidence but sometimes you've got to speculate certain things to get the ball rolling) I appreciate your skepticism and I know its important to drop a few reality bombs every now and then but come on? You can't look at that 1000 ton obelisk and actually believe they were just going to drag it out and slide it to where ever it was going go with a few tools a hand full of sand and orders of a rich man?