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  1. Doubt anyone is going to watch this but if you're interested in this topic this might be for you.
  2. Show me a moral business that's successful... This is the real world world everyone who wants to get ahead has to lie cheat and deceive in one way or another. Every massive business has some kind of scandal that comes out eventually its just the way it is.
  3. I really like the look of the Canyon Torque. What's your budget?
  4. ^ That works for solid and hollow bars but I'm talking about the front wheel. I think of a pizza when you explain it like that with two varying size diameters. A 10" pizza is a fair bit more pizza that two 5" pizzas haha. Are you going to have a 100mm (not calculated just off the top of my head) through axle to match the stiffness of a standard axle held on both sides? As far as I know 20mm is the largest through axle available. Carbon is a great material but as far as I know its a lot softer than aluminium hence not being able to screw bolts directly into it. Is the axle going to be carbon as well? Edit: Not trying to bash you at all. I'm just interested in your findings and the way you think. I appreciate the work you are doing and its good to see someone trying new things
  5. Looking at those handlebars it looks to me like the ones on the green bike wouldn't fit your hands properly? There's a curve where you're little fingers would rest. Looking at the forks/lefty thing I can't see how they could ever be stronger than a traditional set of forks? The image that comes to my mind is if you got a stick and put it though a wheel then put either hand on either side of the wheel holding the stick and tried to do a press up using that wheel everything would balance out and you'd be fine. If you put both hands on one side of the stick there's no way you'd be able to do a press up. You're using the same tools but the leverage would make it impossible. Does the leverage not come up in your calculations? Edit: I never went to Uni or did any kind of engineering I might be totally off with what I'm saying but that's just how my brain works.
  6. Where's all the money coming from to finance all this? Seems like there's a lot of theory going on and not a lot of actual production or sales? I'm all for testing new things out but I can't see anything you're suggesting becoming a big thing.
  7. What a Legend.
  8. I very much doubt it. You're dealing with different spacing between each spoke hole on the rim. Sounds like a nightmare to me. What size wheel is it as well? If its a 20"rim you're probably more likely to get away with it than a 26" rim.
  9. I've got this for sale if its any good to you? £50 posted.
  10. This is my ride. 2016 Canyon Strive AL 7.0 Race Medium. I love this bike to bits. I thought the shape shifter function was a bit of a gimmick when I heard about these bikes but I really like it in practice! Modifications are: I've changed the dropper for a 170mm drop reverb, 28 steel chainring, Wheels are Hope pro 4 on DT Swiss EX511 and the tyres are Continental Trail King 2.4 (only just fits on the back) Pedals are Nukeproof Electron's and I've put some volume spacers in the forks and rear shock. The bike can handle anything I can throw at it and its got me out of trouble a number of times when the feature I was riding down exceeded my skill level. I went to this from a 26" 16" frame Orange Five which I loved at the time. This bike just feels so much better to me though and gives me so much confidence.
  11. To be honest I didn't know what type of stone it was haha. I'm just clutching at straws to try and convince someone to agree with me. It's obviously not going to happen. I've tried my best anyway.
  12. I'm not saying I agree with everything these people are saying. You've got to have a bullshit buffer with these videos. I look at them hollow skulls and I personally can't see how you could do that with a chisel. I think the point he's trying to make about not being able to get his 3mm twig in the gap is that the tool to make the cut out would have to be smaller than 3mm. That's a tiny chisel and a lot of skill to be able to do that.
  13. 2:41 into the video? I noticed that myself. So you don't think any of the others were done on a lathe?
  14. That says a lot to me. What we get taught in high school is a stripped down easy to understand version of certain things. That's why you have higher education to go into much more detail. Maybe the evidence is out there or has been found and just hasn't been analyzed properly? Speaking of giant lathes... That to my uneducated self looks like those pillars were turned on giant lathes. The skulls on that dudes hat are impressive too. I'm not saying its ancient technology I'm just blown away with what's out there all around the world.
  15. Ok that comment didn't come across how I would have liked it to. I'm feeling a lot of aggression, patronising and disdain towards me as well. Is it so wrong to question something that can't be proven? I'm trying to inspire people to look at something amazing and offer up their own take on it. Obviously none of us are historians or scientists in the the field ancient Egypt etc. I'm not one for reading text books or studying things. I'm more visual and practical in how I learn. I'm always learning and it's not something I ever intend to stop doing. I appreciate everyone's input into this thread and I know I'm probably coming across as some kind of ignorant, gullible fool for asking these questions and being inspired by someone who isn't accepting the "mainstream" way of thinking. I'm sorry if I'm annoying anyone but is it so wrong to question thing's? If you think you can piece together all of history from what evidence has been found so far then I think you are wrong. Not everything that happens leaves evidence! You can only build up an idea and have theories on what there is to go from. Sorry again for being that annoying person that's causing frustation. But I'm not sorry for asking questions.