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  1. That was in my opinion one of your "better" videos. I'm no expert but I think if you chilled out with the jumping from one thing to another editing and just showed full moves and small lines you'd make more pleasing to watch videos. You're not a bad rider but the vanity and crazy editing ruins what you can do. Either way crack on and have fun.
  2. I think that's probably what most people do? You pick a side and try and confirm it in a bias way.
  3. I thought the TGS inch pinching days were long gone? It's all about tricking people into watching a video of someone turning a light on now.
  4. I don't know if I'm getting the wrong end of the stick here but Fusion 360 is a free design software program. It's pretty easy to use and there's tons of guides online how to use it. I'm sure you won't struggle to use it anyway.
  5. I could have probably worded that better but I'm just wondering how people choose what and what not to believe? We live in a time where information can be spread around the world in an instant but a lot of it is fake or dishonest. As I've got older I've realised its too easy to spread false information and just believe what you are told. I was wondering if anyone has any methods to help fact check information they get. Obviously you'd spend your whole life looking things up if you didn't just accept certain things as they are presented to you.
  6. It's always all about money. I understand that. I just think its sad to see such a good brand like inspired get nudged out the spotlight by the big wigs. RedBull have been happy to spend money on trips for riders which would give exposure for inspired.
  7. I think it would make more sense to stick with inspired. They aren't in the same league as Canyon so why can't they both sponsor him? Trials on a proper trials bike designed by a trials rider then mountain biking stuff on a Canyon. It's not like inspired are going to take sales from Canyon. The money they would make selling trials bikes would a pittance to what they make selling mountain bikes.
  8. The head tube looks like a toilet roll. It's a shame to see people leaving inspired but you can't really blame them if there is big bucks involved. I wonder if Canyon will release a trials bike?
  9. The best bit was when he got the light working. Blew my mind that.
  10. Started watching this video last night of this old beast build a bridge and half way though there was an ad that I just couldn't skip. This was the video used in the add. It was for an app. I saw the app had like 2.5 stars so I looked on youtube for the video. It turns out the people that made the app ripped off another app and used this video that someone made. Anyway I couldn't stop watching it. There was just something about seeing the music visualised that made me enjoy it so much.
  11. Merry Christmas one and all!
  12. I looked and his subscribers were about 25,000ish when I first watched this he's now up to 45,000. I can only see that number going up.
  13. I love a bit of Youtube and I wanted to share this guy with people. I've never heard of him before but this video came up in my suggestions and I'm glad I clicked it! Anyway here's the video if you're interested
  14. Our idea of history is changing all the time and human history is going back further and further. There's so much more to be discovered I think finds like this backs the idea of the possibility of lost ancient technology.
  15. But you seem to think that we should be finding all sorts of lost ancient tech if it existed? Surely tools from 12,000+ years on sites that were occupied by other cultures would be rarer and harder to find than stuff from 6,000 years ago? Am I being unreasonable here? Also if a core drill wears down then surely you couldn't cut to the maximum depth? That core is probably 5 inches long and its intact so my guess would be that the tool that cut it would have to be at least 5 inches long. You couldn't really make the argument that they use a smaller core and just keep snapping it off in my opinion. What ever method that was used seems to me to cut consistently and deep We are talking about 1,000's of years ago so obviously its not easy to find things. Plus you've got to add into the equation that the Romans turned Egypt over and who know's what they took? I'm not arguing against your point I agree with you. These core holes seem to be quite common to me so I'd expect there to be the odd tool found if it was the Dynastic Egyptians that cored them out.