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  1. Got my planning permission approved with no alterations! I really thought it was going to be a battle because of how big it is. Time to buy some wellies and start digging!
  2. None of what I said was meant in a nasty way. It was friendly banter from my side. I very much doubt he's going to see this thread and get offended anyway. I think its important to live in a world where people can take the piss and have a laugh. If no one speaks up then things wont change. This forum is for discussion and when people talk opinions can change. I don't think its productive to just keep quiet if you don't like something. My comment saying he's such a trials rider was a dig at all of us as trials riders. The style of riding trials doesn't transfer to mountain biking very well in my opinion.
  3. He's such a bloody trials rider. That's the perfect example of someone who rides trials riding a mountain bike. 0 style and stiff in the air haha
  4. Bit more woodworking for you. This is basically an advert for tools but I like this guy. He does things properly and takes his time.
  5. I'm pretty certain they aren't legit. Maybe its all done by hand but I doubt its one guy. You've just got to look at how its filmed. If it was a guy by himself then why not do a time lapse? It looks to me like they show you how they are going to do something and get started then all of a sudden its nearly done. There's not much in between.
  6. The saga continues I emailed AVRO asking what readings they sent to EON the gas was 1894 (should be 1890). My online account shows the last reading being 1804. When I was speaking to EON they told me they didn't have a reading for the gas so they estimated it. So I don't understand where they get their information from? AVRO have the correct reading on my account but the final reading they sent to EON is wrong. EON said they didn't get a final reading from AVRO for the gas but AVRO have showed me the final readings they sent to EON which states 1894 for the gas. What I can gather is none of them know their arse hole from their elbow and they are happy to just send bills out willy nilly and expect you to just pay them. If it was the other way round and I was giving false readings and messing them about like this I'd get in trouble. All they do is say sorry it was an error and that's it.
  7. I decided to give them a call again today. The first guy flat out hung up on me haha I must have struck a nerve. The second lady was very hard to understand but she ended up telling me that my new energy company didn't send a gas reading so they just estimated it. She challenged me when I said I hadn't used any gas in 2 months and was pretty condescending. I told her the gas reading hasn't changed and they can estimate it again but with the correct reading. I was persistent and told them I wanted to see the email they had from my new supplier showing the readings. They said they can't do anything from their end I had to call up my new supplier and tell them to send the readings to them. I said they can do it themselves. They are in contact with my supplier so they can ask for the actual reading. The best they could do ended up being them opening a dispute which would take 6-8 weeks haha. I said to them they can do what they like it doesn't bother me not having to pay them for another 6-8 weeks. I said what shall I do with the bill they sent out and she said just ignore it haha. They act like they can't do anything but they clearly can. I wouldn't mind if it was the people on the phone actually getting the money but its not its the company they work for that's ripping them off. I'm half tempted to get a job for EON and find out all their little dirty tricks and procedures they use to get more money out of people. Anyway Rant over lets see what the bastards come up with next.
  8. The amount isn't the issue for me. It's the principle of it. It's the fact they think they can just make numbers up and bully me into paying them. The one I spoke to on the phone who said just pay the money and I'll eventually use that amount of gas up really annoyed me. I'm not a bank I don't do loans.
  9. I shared that in best of the internet the other week haha! It's amazing.
  10. There's no chance I'm paying them any money. I'd never get it back. I don't give a shit about my credit score either. I've never been in debt in my life and don't ever intend to be. If they can't sort it out and send me a proper bill they can take me to court. Cheeky Bastards!
  11. EON Bought a house that was supplied by them, Switched to AVRO because they were the cheapest and either way they are all robbing bastards. EON send me a final bill with a gas reading of 1894 (Should be 1804) so that's 90 units extra which = about £100. I ring EON and tell them they have made a mistake can they adjust the final bill to what it should be. They pretty much say just pay it and you end up using that amount of gas eventually so it will even out. I said no chance because they've got me on a rip off rate. So I said I want them to fix the bill and send me the proper one. They say they can't change the bill because that's the readings AVRO gave them so I need to call them to get it changed. On the Bill it says customer read on all the readings except the final gas one which says Estimated. I said why is that one estimated when I clearly gave them the actual reading? They didn't really have a good answer for me. So now I've got to call AVRO and ask them what readings they sent to EON. Bunch of lying stealing thieving scum bags. I also called them on the 3rd of January to ask what final readings they had from me they said they had a reading I game them on the 6th of January. I asked him how he manged to get a reading from the future and he told me to hold and the call dropped... They think I'm stupid but they try every trick in the book to get money off you. I can't stand energy companies.
  12. For me I can't remember directions or paths very well. It takes me a lot of go's driving somewhere to remember which way to go. I always get lost. Even walking into shops or buildings I never know my way back out haha. Something in my brain just doesn't record or pay attention to where I'm going. I think it might be part of my personality because when I'm out with other people I tend to follow them rather than lead. Sometimes I can find my own way but its usually when I'm on my own and I really pay attention to whats going on. It's worked out well for me with the invention of sat nav's and google maps though. Weirdly I'm quite good at reading maps but I need it in front of me. When ever I go snowboarding I never feel confident to lead the way I'm always happy to just follow other people. Even if we are doing a set route if I end up on my own I often take a wrong turn and get lost.
  13. What do you expect to see Mark? This isn't the same thing but I thought it was interesting and relevant.
  14. That makes total sense to me. That's how I see things in my mind. It's like a memory but I can alter it as I please. I can't actually see anything but I know what it should look like. Have you ever looked at something in front of you, say you're looking at a wall with a window and you don't move your eyes but you concentrate on the curtain. Everything is still in frame but you can't see it all because you are concentrating on a particular point. That's similar to how my minds eye works.
  15. You have no soul... Seriously though I can pretty much picture anything in my mind. The problem is sometimes things will work in my head but when I come to actually do it I've got my measurements wrong. For example lets say I'm building a cupboard. I can picture what it will be like in my mind and how many shelves etc but when I come to physically do it something isn't quite right and it doesn't look the exact same as I pictured it. Thinking about it I can't actually see anything in my mind to refer to it but I can sort of remember what something looks like and alter it. I like this topic. Very interesting!