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  1. I'm also pro E bike. I think they are amazing and they can give people who aren't so fit a route into big rides and people who are mega fit can just get so much more done in the same time. I don't own an E bike and I don't plan on buying one any time soon though!
  2. I think Augmented reality will become a huge thing and just blow up over night. It will be when VR headsets become totally wireless. All you need is a camera on the front and everything you see can be altered. I had the idea of using it to design layouts for your home. You could walk round an existing building and see how it would be when its finished. That would help with the placement of all the services, what you can fit where and what layouts look good to you.
  3. We don't think like that round these parts Adam. People might start thinking you're a conspiracy nut like me.
  4. What's the issue with conspiracy theories? I don't expect people to agree or disagree with my predictions. I'm just making predictions based on my life experience.
  5. I did try one of those glass cutting wheels but I couldn't get the accuracy with it being such a tight radius, Any reason why cutting it with scissors wouldn't work?
  6. I need a circle of glass about 4 inches diameter (doesn't have to be perfect). I've got a pain of glass that's about 8" square I was thinking of just nipping away at it with scissors to make the circle. Anyone got an experience of cutting glass?
  7. When I had it I hardly had any of the major symptoms they were telling us to look out for. Took a week or so to show any symptoms at all really.
  8. Most of us have been here for the best part of 20 years and hopefully we'll be here for the next 20 years or so! I was just thinking it would be interesting to make a topic where people make predictions of the future and we could maybe look back over the years and see if anyone got anything right. I'll start with a couple of my own predictions/beliefs 1. Electric cars will fade away. I don't think Electric cars are sustainable or environmentally friendly. I think Hydrogen (maybe even ethanol) will eventually be the successor to Petrol and Diesel. 2. More evidence will show that civilisation is a lot older than we think and there was a massive global catastrophe about 12000 years ago. 3. Covid-19 will be proven to be man made in Wuhan China. 4. New evidence will show the 9/11 terrorist attacks were known about and allowed to happen. 5. Bit coin will be outlawed for a period of time but then come back again. 6. Elon Musk will get investigated for dodgy dealings. Controversial but that's my opinions of some things that will happen in the future. Most of them are based on things that have already happened. I'll add to the thread when I think of anymore.
  9. Sounds like a total waste of Police time. It's an egg. Not like its a brick. I'd speak to him in a calm and polite way and explain you know it was him you don't appreciate it and you'd rather he didn't do things like that in the future. What kind of world do we live in if you can't handle an egg being thrown at your car yourself? Getting the police involved would be a bitch move in my opinion. Fight your own battles.
  10. He's a paedo with dementia. Watch Zeducation on youtube for a run down of his bullshit. Trump was actually doing a fairly decent job in my opinion. The media are praising Biden for doing the exact same/worse things than trump.
  11. Totally agree with you. Facts and figures are nothing without context. There's always the possibility that the virus has spread more than we know and nearly everyone has already had some version of it. That would mean that the first waves would wipe most of the "Weaker" people out. I've had my first dose of the vaccine and I'll be getting the second dose. I'd rather not have had it at all but I'm not too worried about it.
  12. This shows examples of countries with a good vaccination program compared to those without.
  13. I wish someone told me to buy shares in Apple when I started riding... I wish someone told me that brakes aren't everything in trials and to keep things on both wheels more.
  14. I'm in Bootle but I'm not much of a rider any more. Could be tempted to get out though.