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  1. It maks me happy all the frequent members I used to see are still here. Still Dave bashing too I see , it's got to be what.. two or so years since I've chatted here? Do any of you guys all still ride? If anyone cares.. since I put my back out the first time its happend twice since, managed to put on weight that I didn't want and haven't turned a pedal since I still use forums though. Felt a little disingenuous here, being that I'm not riding anymore, but I'm a mod now on a more relatable forum. Anyway, I thought I'd say hi again. I see jd has a shiny new avatar, Dan2027 and bing can still make me laugh and hippy is still, well, hippy.. All good stuff
  2. I remembered my login again
  3. Know the feeling, I do more film watching than anything else recently. Last film I I remember thinking was amazing was the walk.
  4. https://youtu.be/rHJ6cTFrtEc This could be a repost, I've not read back many pages. Still, I found it funny twice
  5. I've been playing for a while now. It started by me trying to be the hero dad, impress the kids etc.. now I'm just another pokèaddict
  6. You really need to video yourself asking her politely if she took your food.. well, you don't need to, but I really want to see the reaction
  7. British gas.. as far as I can tell, from what they have done today, they've broken the law twice and basically just taken the living piss! Our account has been 'hacked'. someone has changed the name on the account. This was done by a phone call. How can that happen? Our bank details are on that account ffs! They changed our meter, I wasn't there, the guy who did it has been texting my missus asking her out using the number he got from the paperwork she had to sign! Wtaf! The reason the meter was taken away.. that they'd had a report we had been fiddling it?! the meter reading on the meter had the account balance at over £700 since the reading in september. So, if we'd fiddled it we were doing it in their favour? Madness. I'm so pissed I'm even venting here!
  8. Glad you liked the wire fmlybkr. I'm doing some special wires atm.. you know where to find me Noisy cricket is a lethal bitch! .4 min safe resistance makes coiling it the way I like to difficult to say the least. I've got a single ss fc in now and it chucks vapour like no other! Hot as stand ass though. Crius is a nice rta, griffin and aromamizer too.. but the vcmt, 25 or 30mm versions are beasts! Used one at 90w .12ohm, clouds rivalled any of my drippers.
  9. Sh*t dude! Sorry to read about this.. I'll keep my eyes peeled.
  10. My next build will be staple, just waiting on some wire.
  11. I snook off to a vaping forum.. It felt a little disingenuous talking bike while I barely dust mine off now. I intend to ride again but age and injury have caught me up now some physio and the will and I'll be back..
  12. Evic vt mini falls into that criteria, there are a few more but I can't think of them now..
  13. Dna is superior to that particular chip set because of its higher voltage input, 11.2 over 8.4 gives higher power at lower ohms. Just to avoid confusion device I linked is a kangertec chip, not a Dna. Just in case .05 @200w is 63a! No way will the sigelei fire that all the way up to 200, that's double the battery output power. .05 needs 150+ watts to come alive, under that it's pointless so there's no real gain in an sx chip over Dna powered device just because of the lower read
  14. I know, it's madness now! Why have the prices dropped so much? Check this sucker out for 30quid http://www.cigabuy.com/authentic-wismec-reuleaux-rx200-200w-tc-box-mod-apv--black-p-8325.html?dp=A0101
  15. Moss side. Nuf said