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  1. Yeah I had the thinner 2011 ones and as I said before, I was still a beginer when I snapped them, never had they been hooked. Not t-front move whatsoever ever and I dropped t-two then they snapped after les than 6 months
  2. It's good for trials yes, there were a few riders up there last year, but they have all quit or only ride demos now. There are a few of us just on the other side of Durham though.
  3. make sure it's spotless, so everything doesn't carode. made that mistake before p.s. its normal for the headlight to go out because all the power is being directed to the fan. if it was me id just take it off. also you should find that when you rev the engine it get brighter?
  4. pads: 1 heatsink yellow 1 koxx brown time used on current rim: 1 month Grind: yes, deep Rim: trialtech sl Brake: 2005 magura Review: best pads ive used 10/10 unbelievably good
  5. put magura slaves on, heard nothing good about them from anybody, even sponsored riders
  6. thankyou.
  7. no, the rotor, 6, the adapter, 2, fixing the adapter, 2, the bar clamp, 1, taking the old maggie off, bar clamp,1, the slaves, 4. i was asking because i have a saint as well and was wondering which, in your opionon, was better?
  8. because cba, ive heard that mono mini's (it think thats the modle i and you have) aren't very powerfull
  9. well i know it works asthetically because i have the matching hubs, but wondered if it worked as good as any other top disc brake.
  10. how does that front brake work? i have one spare and im debating whether to use it
  11. bike looks nice, cut the forks down!!!
  12. it should still be in warrenty? chester didn't get it that long ago
  13. have the slaves moved out? might not have tightened them enough
  14. are they familybiker's pads? p.s. nice bike
  15. the breath will be better on the back wheel.