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  1. Hey, here is the first video of our "Trialweek". A second part will follow. Hope you like it, we are happy about every feeback Location: Felsenmeer (Odenwald, Germany) Riders: Vito & Larena Greetings Larena
  2. Hey there, here is the second video of Nils Riecker. This time in his hometown Altenkirchen. Hope you like it. I'm happy about every feedback! Greetings Larena
  3. Hey, here's my little video of the German Champs in Bad Endbach two weeks ago!! Hope you like it. Greetings Larena
  4. Hey, here my new video: Hope you like it. Comments, tipps, likes would be nice Greetings Larena
  5. Hey, some people from Germany started in 2007 the project to create a big map with different trial locations around the world. You just need Google Earth and then you can import the .kmz data which is in the forum. The recent version of the map is in the german forum and here as an attached file. If you want to add a location you just have to search for the location in Google Maps and copy the web link into the forum. Here is the link to the german forum: http://www.mtb-news.de/forum/t/weltweite-trials-spots-datenbank-google-earth.286945/ That's how it looks, when you import the .kmz data to Google Earth. Greetings Larena Trials-locations_v1_7.zip
  6. Haha Being a trial rider is better than being a princess Of course there are girls doing hook ups
  7. Thank you! Nice to hear that other girls watch my videos. Maybe your daughter is going to be a big trials rider! *I'm sorry when my english is a bit weird *
  8. Hey, here is my new video... Comments, likes, tipps and shares are welcome Greetings Larena
  9. Hey, here's my Best-of-Video 2014. Enjoy watching, I hope you like it. Greetings Larena
  10. Hey the new video of Nils is finished. I hope you like it. Enjoy and ride on! Larena
  11. Thanks
  12. Thank you!
  13. Hey there, here is my new video. I hope you like it I am happy about every comment, tipp for my next video, like, share and of course about every new subscribers. So, enjoy and ride on! More coming soon
  14. Thank you!
  15. Hey, I also made a video of the Jam last weekend. Enjoy watching