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  1. Quite what I figured, unfortunately. Something like this would have been abuzz years ago! Just seems that there isn't much new product/news in the past several years, and seems that that only keeps getting worse.
  2. Really? Tell me then when we have used vaccines that use mRNA versus conventional vaccines? We haven't. Look, I'm totally for this vaccine, and I'll take it in a heartbeat, but it is new technology.
  3. Something that I was pondering the other day--what happened to them? Do they still have a trials team? Seems the last high-end bike they made was what 2016? Now they just make those ugly aluminum frames? Just curious.
  4. I understand Andy's sentiment; I mean, this is an entirely new class of drugs, and the effects are not completely understood. Having said that, I'd likely jab myself in the arm with a vaccine if I could get ahold of one. I'm getting stir crazy. I miss parties, playing dress-up and traveling to little seaside towns sipping cocktails and espressos. Now I take 3-hour baths and build expensive bikes because I've got nothing better to do.
  5. I miss King BMX hubs...they were the best. I also remember thinking ACS FWs were amazing, as almost 20 years ago (!) My first ride had one of thos Dicta freewheels, which had around 16 points of engagement.
  6. You get f**ked. Billing in the USA is asinine. My last medical problem...lets see, the surgery bill was about 15k, but then negotiated down to 2k through the insurance company, and they paid something like 1800 of that. f**k, for most things, if I had that negotiating power, I'd rather pay 2k than expensive premiums each month.
  7. I have a Pivot Les 29 hardtail I'm looking to sell. I'm CONUS midwest/upper south.
  8. So pretty!
  9. I find I care less about what anyone might think with age. I'm almost 30 now. I'm not as good as I was half my life ago, but truth be told, most people are impressed by the simplest moves, so I find having folks around gives me a good energetic boost to be honest.
  10. Cancer. It's like I'm branded now trying to go back to work now that I'm essentially "cured". I'm fighting for a waiver to work right now, as "history of cancer" now severly restricts my options. I don't put in enough days I lose my insurance, and I can't even get my required follow ups. I've been sitting at my parents house with my thumb up my ass waiting, waiting, waiting.
  11. These old mags make me nostalgic, as does Contact. I think I was first exposed to trials around 2000, so pretty much the same magic that brought me into the sport twenty years ago. I was 10 years old back then, so pretty damn young. Sadly, I think at 29...I'm the youngest rider I know of stateside. There's no fresh blood anymore.
  12. Hell yeah!
  13. There's something about modern comp riding that just puts me to sleep. I find sections far less interesting and varied than they once were, and I find modern comp riders boring. Or, I'm just old and being nostalgic? I just think, If I were ten-years old today and watched a competition, or modern competitive riders today, I don't think i would pick up the sport; whereas, I can watch old-school riders and old-school comps and get pumped.
  14. Swap and go. Any lever will work with any slaves, whether Magura, Echo or Racingline.