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  1. So pretty!
  2. I find I care less about what anyone might think with age. I'm almost 30 now. I'm not as good as I was half my life ago, but truth be told, most people are impressed by the simplest moves, so I find having folks around gives me a good energetic boost to be honest.
  3. Cancer. It's like I'm branded now trying to go back to work now that I'm essentially "cured". I'm fighting for a waiver to work right now, as "history of cancer" now severly restricts my options. I don't put in enough days I lose my insurance, and I can't even get my required follow ups. I've been sitting at my parents house with my thumb up my ass waiting, waiting, waiting.
  4. These old mags make me nostalgic, as does Contact. I think I was first exposed to trials around 2000, so pretty much the same magic that brought me into the sport twenty years ago. I was 10 years old back then, so pretty damn young. Sadly, I think at 29...I'm the youngest rider I know of stateside. There's no fresh blood anymore.
  5. Hell yeah!
  6. There's something about modern comp riding that just puts me to sleep. I find sections far less interesting and varied than they once were, and I find modern comp riders boring. Or, I'm just old and being nostalgic? I just think, If I were ten-years old today and watched a competition, or modern competitive riders today, I don't think i would pick up the sport; whereas, I can watch old-school riders and old-school comps and get pumped.
  7. Swap and go. Any lever will work with any slaves, whether Magura, Echo or Racingline.
  8. 14 pounds, 5 oz
  9. It was nerve-racking cutting that steerer down. That fork had one of those threaded inserts at the the top, so I opted to cut beneath that and use a star-fangled nut instead. I hate the look of spacers, so I opted for the longest stem I could find. She rides great so I'm happy with it!
  10. First bike I've had in 5 years or f**king amazing, so damn light, no idea on the weight, but definitely the lightest trials bike I've ever ridden. Riding today definitely made me realize I'm getting old though. I need to readjust the bash a bit, also might go with a beefier front tire. I will never install splitters again! Frame: Echo Fork: Crewkerz Carbon Stem: Monty with Ti bolts Bar: Monty carbon Headset: Echo with Ti bolt Brakes: Jitsie levers, vintage Magura cyclinders, Coust pads, Echo clamps, all Ti and alloy fittings, Racingline splitters Bottom Bracket: Echo Ti Cranks: Monty ProRace with Trialtech bash, Jitsie crankbolts Freewheel: Echo Ti Pedals: Echo Ti Wheels: Jitsie Race hubs, Hastagg rims, DT Competition spokes, alloy nipples, Trialtech alloy cog, Ti bolts Tires: Clean rear, Jitsie front, lightweight tubes Chain: KMC 810sl
  11. Been feeling pretty nostalgic lately, thank you AndyT. Nice to always see lines versus going up an object turning around on the rear tire and then off.
  12. You all realize anodizing is a pretty easy to do in one's own garage?
  13. I am always baffled when people speak of Taiwan as some sort of third-world country. Their standard of living is roughly at parity with the UK and (I believe) ahead of Kentucky.
  14. Here's what I do: I attached a spray nozzle to a bottle of 90% alcohol (rubbing), and I simply spray the rim down and wipe off the dirt. Sometime I'll spray the pads too, modulate them whilst the wheel is spinning and wipe off the excess again. It's easy...if I'm riding natural, I'll just throw the bottle in my dufflebag. It also looks like the pads may not be hitting the rim square--facing the mounts may help this. There's a TNN video somewhere on youtube that demonstrates this pretty well, if I am remembering correctly. Lastly, perhaps try altering the angle you are grinding the rim at. I find a near 90 degree angle gives the best results. Lastly (again), are the brakes properly bled?