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  1. I'd like to try that combo of 20" + 180? mm stem + high rise bars. Should give a nice hang-in feeling for manuals. Up-to-fronts might require lifting the handlebar right up to the chin, though. That rodent in the pic surely would be happy about a little patch of grass plate in there, BTW. Anyways, Jitsie comp bikes seem to be the best in value for money nowadays.
  2. There you go: They are seldom because of the wheel torsional flex from the brake torque: Light carbon forks are bought by comp riders, and comp riders need very rigid bikes, so they don't ride disc on 26 bikes.
  3. 4. You can try to "stumble backwards" at first: When you loose balance backwards, you can compensate by hopping the rear end of the bike backwards a bit, mostly by bending your knees. From that "stumbling", you can try to move to an upwards jump, keeping the bike a bit more in place and in balance. Soon you will notice that the pedals will move backwards with each hop, making further hops impossible after a few hops. Therefore, you learn to open the brake a bit. Thereby, you can compensate your jumping motion by moving the pedals a bit forward. When you can do that, try to do little forward jumps, by pedaling a bit more. Don't jump off edges unless you can control the move quite easily on flat. 5. Neck roughly above handlebars, bend your arms to lower the upper body towards the handlebars, then straighten your arms relatively fast and with force and push the front end of the bike forward and upward in a rather circular motion (at least in your mind). Your body should move backwards, relative to the bike. Knees are bend a bit the whole time, you can bend a bit more while pushing the bike through, it helps with the jump: You need to find the right amount of force and motion, so that you can comfortably counter the rolling motion by jumping upwards "towards the handlebars", when the front wheel is high enough in the air. A bit of the jumping comes from the arms using the handlebar, but most is in the hips going towards the handlebar and the legs pushing against the pedals. Beware of losing pedal contact. 6. Yes. Just use 5 with less force and compensate by pedaling, but not with very much pedaling force. Focus on the jump, not the pedal kick. A gap jump from a standstill is an advanced move, worth years of training. You need to have a stable backwheel hop for this. It should feel a bit like a jump without a bike. Therefore, you turn your bike sideways a bit, so that your feet are placed more naturally side by side on the edge of the gap. Most importantly, don't kick the pedals actively, this is a common mistake. The pedal move just compensates for the jumping movement, a bit more than that, but not much. No hard kicking is necessary for me to gap 8 feet, and I don't think the pros do that when they gap 11 feet.
  4. This little gem should have its own thread.
  5. Bought by Serious Connection (Crewkerz), to „complete its offer in the world of Sport Urban Bike“. The shop at offers the Ozonys and Bonz parts now.
  6. World-level street riding, as usual. The music matched the riding well, especially in the last run. And it matched the spring awakening feeling as well.
  7. The low-backsweep Breeth bars definitely helped my wrists for daily riding, especially as they can be cut a bit more to still get an acceptable wrist angle for the same shoulder width.
  8. Shameless self-promotion: The first frame has logged 500 hours now. Can be made with more in-between geo by David Hoffmann, e.g. 1050 +40.
  10. I'd really like to see that as well. Especially interested in torsional stiffness of the wheels on huge jumps to brake-induced full stop (Rolling to rear, gap to front).
  11. Respect for doing that 10p sidehop on Harry Main. Also Main doing a 5p cousty sidehop from rear after fifteen minutes on a modern comp bike is probably a new learning speed world record for Trials. Further evidence for a cross-discipline bike skill level, after Sam Pilgrim's inconclusive experiments.
  12. As far as I know, and for pure trials, we have Breeth, Camin, Clean, Monty, Taboo, all 20" bikes, and the 26" Clean K1.
  13. Thank you! Now we'll just have to bug them to mass-produce it (and probably rake up a huge deficit in the process...)
  14. I love the matching forks/frame/wheels thickness and the carbon peek logo. The tensioner does look a bit exposed, but Danny knows his sidehops, so it probably won't matter. @Ali C Do you by any chance know the diameter of the rear axle? It does look a bit small to me to be a 12 mm.
  15. Can someone post a link to World Cup standings? There used to be a table somewhere on the UCI pages. Found it under 2016, but is actually 2017: