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  1. Trying to decide whether to get back into riding or not after a few years off but only if there are some regular people in the area. Does Rowan still ride or is he a complete goner now?
  2. Hey guys, Sorry for the slow response. I'm dealing with long-term illness so don't use things like forums for extended periods sometimes. Thanks for the responses though. My gf and I decided not to go there based on a bit of research. There seems to be a lot of crime, unemployment, lack of culture, etc. that put us off somewhat. When I get better I don't want to be stuck claiming job seekers because I can't find a job. We were hoping to go there to get away from problematic housemates as we're both suffering from chronic illness and could do with a peaceful environment. It's located near the Lake District, which would have been awesome and also the flat we'd rent is owned by my female's brother so the cost would be good. However, whilst still holding some appeal, it's a risk for us if we didn't like it because it might be really difficult to move back to Bristol for multiple reasons and our current accommodation, despite a frustrating housemate, is pretty awesome. It's a real same as It'd be good to be near by you again Mark and also Flipp, anyone new, etc. I suppose there's still a chance we could change our mind but it's looking unlikely. We'd be up in October if that happened though. Thanks again chaps! Ben
  3. Although I've barely ridden in some time now - due to illness - there's a possibility I may be moving to Morcambe in the summer. I hope to be riding again by then and I was wondering if there are currently any riders there or nearby? Also what's the riding like there or, again, nearby? Furthermore, although a less appropriate question for this context, what's it like as a place? I'm a bit concerned that if I move there that I might be riding all by my lonesome unable to access either other riders and/or decent riding spots? I don't drive so I'd need to use the trains to get anywhere else. Thanks in advance...
  4. Way to go with the sexism, chaps. I doubt she made a video so you could assess her as, or reduce her to, a sexual object. It's little wonder this sport has such minor female participation. Show some respect please and focus on the riding. And as for the ignorant comments regarding the assumed limits of female physicality - that also have no place in this thread - you should try attending a gymnasium. The females I experienced in this context, when clearly committed to the practice, had high levels of ability that I believe would translate very well into riding beyond which some of you assume is possible. In fact, generally the females were more impressive in their weight to strength ratio, balance, etc. than the males at this particular gymnasium. I'd assume such heightened ability relates to a greater female presence in the respective types of gymnastics I experienced, both historically and presently, which trials obviously lacks. It relates to the way in which each male generation picks up from the last as the sport evolves. Women, I would assume like men, tend to look to one another to gauge the limits of what's possible for themselves rather than the opposite sex so much. I hardly visit the forum anymore. This type of behavior reminds me why.
  5. Cheers Mark! I was trying to make it so Joel didn't feel as bad, haha Him feeling bad gains nothing so it's not what I want. Being disappointed is of way less intensity than being angry though. I'm basically okay with the error in the sense I understand making it but I'd prefer if it wasn't the case. Anger doesn't give as much credence to understanding, which consequently permits greater intensity.
  6. Thanks Joel. Normally I wouldn't care and I feel like a dick for asking but I struggle with riding so much due to personal shit. This means the days where I ride well enough to push myself like in that clip are rare and making a video that I'm happy with difficult, so when I do get something it means a lot to me to use it in a video for myself. Again, thanks for understanding and sorry for messing with your effort
  7. Joel man, I was saving my clip for my own video... I did tell you that so really disappointed as it takes away from the effort I put in. That line scared the shit out of me but I pushed myself for the sake of my video. Otherwise, good stuff. In fact, I'd ask that you re-edit your video. I traveled to London specifically to film for my vid and that was probably my best clip so I'd ask you to respectfully remove it. To emphasize though, I'm not pissed off with you, just disappointed.
  8. Just a month or two of regular riding and you'd be right back into it/on it...
  9. Unfortunately, snobbery has always existed within the riding world. Some people arrogantly think they 'get' riding whilst others don't and this gives them the right to be unkind and unsupportive; basically dicks. Personally I can see that you guys are enjoying your riding and that, for me, counts the most. That being said, my satisfaction in watching your chap's riding is reduced because you always look on the edge of control. When somebody looks in control, especially with ease, I get more pleasure from watching it. I also don't relate to the way you link moves because it seems forced as though you are adding in a move because you think you're supposed to rather than because the terrain offers up a natural opportunity for this or that move. Still, you guys are clearly very able riders and I do enjoy that aspect. This is all subjective judgement however. If it doesn't matter to you then fair enough. You should always just do what gets you the most from your riding rather than doing something because people on the internet are implicitly bullying you to do it their way. I'm sorry the British riding scene is so harsh to you guys. There's no need and I find it embarrassing. Edit: Just to add that I look forward to seeing new videos from you so please keep posting them here
  10. I'd be up for making a weekender of it as well
  11. Meant to post about this before but was at Nichols' place when I saw it. Very awesome Luke! I've been hasssling you to sort a video and this didn't disappoint! Get yourself back to Bristol at some point, init
  12. Totally rad, dudeeeee. Definitely got me inspired to work a bit hard on my nose manuals
  13. Highly awesome. I'd definitely like to see some more
  14. Cheers dude. Sorry to complain but it really messes with my head and due to an inept memory I forget to avoid it. It was popping into my head when I was out on a ride the other day as well!
  15. George, honestly, please remove that .gif. It's not the sort of thing I like seeing and I forget that it's here when I come to check for BMX videos so I inevitably end up watching it again. I'm trying to push my riding at the moment and that sort of thing seriously f**ks with my head. You should at least put it as a spoiler or something so people have the choice of viewing it.