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  1. Its nice on the backwheel but feels a bit hard to pull up to manual and bunnyhop
  2. Want it for riding streety style riding .I'm 5 foot 7 and the bikes running onza tuff guy forks
  3. just wondering what stem would be best for a streety setup.on a zebdi
  4. Never thought of that cheers for the advice will give it a go
  5. Sorry bout the crap pics there on a bike at the minute and I'm at work all I could get for now.
  6. got some echo cranks with a screw on bash has anyone got an idea of how to remove the bash.
  7. Best looking one I've seen stunning if you ever sell it let me no
  8. Can anyone what model.avid brake this is
  9. Cheers mate and no not driving yet get around eveywere on the base and yep we shud go for a ride
  10. Got a new chain to chuck on it so will.shorten that one the one problem I'm having thou is getting the magura to sit straight
  11. Here's my base ta26