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  1. thinking of getting a base ta26 what do people rekon to them
  2. Just wondering if anyone can help what bb does a because colour 20" take.
  3. Looking for people who ride in derby
  4. I'm from derby could do with people to ride with as I'm new to trials
  5. Does he still do the welding want mind a mount welding on my fourplay
  6. After a front disc brake
  7. Nice one mate ur a star
  8. Cheers That's what I was thinking do you no were I could get a replacement bolt
  9. I bought this inspired fourplay and I was wondering if the chain tensioner was mounted correctly its mounted on the outside of the drop out with the axle going through it if you no what I mean can anyone help please and u also think it needs a new drauiler hanger were I think it should be mounted
  10. After a 24"trials bike
  11. Any advice on how to set up onza cable disc as keeps slipping
  12. Are you what bike you riding and I was thinking bout pallets in the back garden
  13. I'm in oakwood too but new to it how long you not rode for
  14. I'm new to trials and was just wondering who rides in derby if anyone