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  1. oh, if you want to report him you can I'll give you everything I have on him (CCTV, conversations and that) I'm just happy he was compliant and I got it back. oh yeah the Shed will be alarmed and made of brick and I will have a ground anchor and a big old thick lock and CCTV it's gonna take a while to get set up but I'm allowed to keep the bike indoors till I get it all sorted. it's gonna be like Fort Knox ;D -it's not really worth it for my bike now, but when I get better parts and maybe more bikes it will be
  2. oh he allegedly did sell it but got it back, I get what you mean though like if he could've sold it and had no further involvement, he would've
  3. I know took me a while to find the right garden though. oh I know who took it an I know where he lives. but he returned it without major damage so I'm not going to take it any further
  4. thanks >_> but anyways yeah he like organised it and said he left it in a local garden, and laid it down so no one could see it. he left it next to a dodgy snicket though and when i lifted it over the fence some guy walked past and it looked like I was stealing it
  5. you'd think they would but no I'm allowed to have it in the house for the time being, but It has to go back outside. I'm going to set up CCTV and get a shed with deadbolts that's the best I can do really
  6. it's kind of a long story. after looking constantly for days I ended up finding it for sale on facebook, on a local area buy/swap/sell page. me and a friend tried pretending to buy it on a different account but she said a friend asked her to sell it, but has taken it back now" a day later after I lost all leads I started harassing the girl who was selling it, telling her I was going to get the police involved and she had been selling stolen goods and all that jazz. she contacted the guy who realised he'd been caught by me and my awesome P.I. skills and he agreed to leave it somewhere for me to go collect, then I went and collected it fortunately I didn't have to use the baseball bat, it was just a precaution incase he tried to ambush me and rob me a second time. also two of my older, larger, more intimidating family members went around the area braying on peoples doors and causing a commotion... that could've motivated him return the bike
  7. hey I got the bike back, the guy succeeded and returned it. thanks for all the help guys I really appreciate it, lots of people were willing to help out and that's how I got it back so quick without really involving the police. thanks again
  8. this is footage of the guy riding off with it tryna get a clearer image from other cameras but so far this it what I have I agree though it took me a while to find out there was no place to post things like this they should really have a pinned thread for stolen bikes, it's not like it's an uncommon thing bikes get taken all the time
  9. thanks for the help people I really appreciate it, I've been told I might be able to claim it on insurance, but that won't get my bike back and I doubt it'll get me close to getting a new one after paying the excess and a mate for his frame bars and stem that I was borrowing when it got stolen
  10. thanks mate I live with my parents and they don't allow me to keep it in the house, worried about me scuffing the walls and floors... it was secure outside though, it was chained and anchored but they cut right through It
  11. thanks not so sure they'd sell a stolen bike in the newspaper but never underestimate the stupidity of a criminal I'll still check it out
  12. I'm not sure yet I live with my parents an they aren't home yet , we live in a privately rented house so I'm not sure if we have that?
  13. I don't know where to post this so I'm going to post it here my bike has been stolen last night from my garden in Waterloo, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire the parts on it are: Neon Bow black and green frame Magura HS33 hydraulic rear brake slave cylinders wrapped in green tape Heatsink yellows Avid front disk brake Echo Urban Forks black bars Scott lock on grips Middleburn Crankset DMR metal pedals black and green front wheel: white Trial-Tech front rim try-all disk hub Specialised Ground Control tyre rear wheel: black onza stock rear rim Hope pro2 evo disk hub Maxxis High roller tyre I'll upload a picture or provide a link to one if it says file too large I would be really grateful it if you all would keep an eye out for it, and let me know if you see or hear anything. Thanks
  14. don't worry, it doesn't bother me trolls are everywhere you just gotta deal with it nowadays ;P so I shouldn't put wanter in it either? thanks I'll be sure not to
  15. I'm too young for star trek my good sir, but thanks for the very helpful contribution to the discussion