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  1. MARCUS CHAPMAN - BARCELONA 2019 All filmed on various potatoes - sorry for the bad quality
  2. i have messaged you regarding frame.

  3. Just made a quick video of my recent riding will hopefully make some more videos this year as i am riding more!
  4. I don't have a black stem but you get the idea. I think white bars match my bike well
  5. The crownrace will make a difference though i wouldn't of thought it would make alot of difference as i have used different parts off different headset before and had no problems, your best option is probably to ask the seller to send you the original crownrace as that (you would hope) should work together as it is the same brand "tryall" and you would their parts fits together! If the seller has lost the crownrace im sure you will find a similar one and be able to buy one from tarty or somewhere?
  6. I've done this before actually with some clamps, but these are so squished that the bolt has pretty much gone all the way through Thank you, I'll do tighten them up to that torque in the future !
  7. It's a 2005 lever, do u have a water bleed ? What has happened is that the water bleed has caused the nylon piston to swell up and as you have pulled it has pushed it and now got the piston stuck, the way to solve this is disconnect the hosing and take of the lever blade, then with the grub screw still in, get a track pump and where you would put the hosing put he pump in there and pump and this should cause a pop noise and the piston will come out and also the spring, you can either then leave the piston some where to dry to unswell it or you could sand it down a little, or you could buy a racing line piston which do not swell up and are fine to bleed with water
  8. I was thinking a about that, but as the bottoms are a lot stronger I don't think it's needed as much and looks better with out! cheers for answering quickly I have multiple sets of squished clamps so I had to make some use out of them ! Going to stop over tightening stuff haha
  9. So basically I'm fed up of the top clamp always squishing up and not being able to give much brake set up ability, so I'm wondering whether it is fine to use the bottoms of echo tr clamps as tops as well, as I have many sets of echo clamps which are squished at the top but not at the bottoms , I have already realised that need slightly longer bolts which I have sorted, but wondering if there is any other problems with this set up of running 2 bottom clamps as a top and bottom, Thank you Marcus
  10. probably doesn't deserve it own topic but anyway first video of 2015 First half of video is from a month or two ago and second half is recent clips WATCH IN HD
  11. Remove graphics !!
  12. New Build !! Spec Frame-Breath Forks- Trialtech sport lite 4 bolt Headset-breath+carbon headset spacers Stem-Tryall K2 with stripes off Bars- Trialtech highrise grips- trialtech foam bb- trials addict blue cranks-trialtech sl 165 bashring-trialtech half bash freewheel-try all pedals-trialtech sport lite chain- kmc snailcam-tryall rear wheel- onza hub + echo tr rim Front wheel- Monty disc hub + tryall rim tyres- tryall front and rear rimtape- blue tubes-downhill tubes clamps-black echo tr front and rear brakes- 05 maggies front and rear with 4 Finger lever blade
  13. I'll be coming !
  14. jamie wiltshire got an old tyre and like cut abit out roughened it up and glued it on
  15. Theres no kinks init ! cant find thread on how clean maggie slaves ?