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  1. I hardly go on here as I stopped riding trials aaaages ago but I have an Echo Lite Mod available so message me if you're interested;)) probs like £160 collection x

  2. he's sickeningly good
  3. Anyone have a slicked 19 inch mod tyre going for cheap?

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    2. TOMTRIALS123


      can u pm me some photos mate?

    3. FalseProphecy


      Yeah I'll get some too you as soon as I possibly can!! It is Just a regular tyre though...

    4. TOMTRIALS123
  4. very
  5. Wait! What? What colour are you changing it to then?
  6. Flipp is the best rider ever!!! ♥
  7. Don't like the graphics but its still a cool frame Just don't saw them in half this time!!!
  8. Unless he has very long legs... no sexual organs... and a rather large arse
  9. Best trials shoes??

    1. jnthebiker


      I love my FiveTen Freeriders! Way better than anything else I've had.

    2. TOMTRIALS123


      Cheers mate, I'll ave a looook

  10. If you are comfortable then its a good'un. If not, try varying bar angle and different stems etc to make it feel bang on
  11. Did you know Prunes can relieve constipation?

  12. Jack Dickinson, what a pleb

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    2. JJ Leigh

      JJ Leigh

      true and true

    3. bing


      What's he done now

    4. TOMTRIALS123


      He tried to sell me something pretending to be someone else

  13. Das ist gut
  14. I like your bike