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  1. Hi ! I want to present you my website : It's a french website for technics et mechanics. If I share that with you, It's because we've created a new fonction yesterday : In technical part, you can choose you take-off foot. It's realy cool to inderstand the mooves yon must do. For example : Every opinion are good ! Thanks
  2. Sorry, I don't know the weight, and I've not the bike with me now
  3. Oh just that ! I'm really bad in english To apologize (A) ( Before I cut forks )
  4. Thank's for your com's Trialsiain I don't understand your request, sorry ... If you want some things of the other side, I haven't . Alex Dark, I love anadized parts too ! Soon i want to anodize some parts of my bike, if I succeeded I share that with you ! ( Baller it means what? ) The tensioner is realy good, the better i've never use ! It's fast and reliable. Thank's Thibaut Marriaux ! The gold rim is made with a blanket
  5. So ... other pics !
  6. Hi, This is my TMS Evo4 I have others pics if you want ! Spec: TMS Evo4 26 frame Try all Nowar Karbon forks TMS rear hub Try all hub Try all nowar rims Try-All K2 forged stem Try all nowar Karbon bars Echo TR front brake with cousts Echo SL rear brake with cousts Trialtech sport lite isis bb Echo sl 108 freewheel Echo SL cranks TMS half bash ring Try all pedals Try-All shiftfront tyre Try all stiky light rear tyre
  7. It's a good new ! Koxx it's dead, but Dom' start a new adventure
  8. Hi, Thanks for your hospitality. No it isnt the official vidéo. I live next to the Roc, so I was over there during the weekend with my GoPro. Ahah yes, in the official trailer Phil shouts a lot ! I've made an other video of the event, during the street session.
  9. Hi ! I'm new on your fun Forum. My name is Thib, and i'm here to speak about Roc d'Azur, a big event for bike in France. This year the French Street trial team Freestyl'air have made a nice show, so i share that with you I hope you like Oh, sorry for my english, I work to speak better ...