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  1. You could yes but it would defeat the object of having a trials bike really as you need the lower gearing to help do moves
  2. Looks good, but what's going on with the stem and seat?
  3. What is the spec of the bike?
  4. I'm thinking about selling my czar mod as it never gets used anymore spec: czar mod frame monty forks(not pictured) echo headset onza stem unknown riser bars echo front hub on try-all rim with kenda small block 8 tyre monty cranks with metal pedals, rockman freewheel, try-all bb, tensile bashring onza rear hub with Monty rim drilled out, with maxxis creepy crawler hydraulic shimano front disk brake with 180mm disk avid sd7 lever with slic cable, shimano arms, echo booster, heatsink cnc yellow pads, onza brake adaptors
  5. That got sick towards the end!
  6. Just needs the odyssey military bmx seat, some black bars and that'll be perfect
  7. Looks like a Cool little spot there, have you got any pics of that lairy bike? Looks sweet
  8. That looks sick mate!
  9. I was a bit sceptical (sp?) of the all the purple on the blue but it really works, looks sick mate
  10. I love the looks of them Monty frames, how does it ride? And only thing I'd do would be black cranks instead of the silver ones
  11. It's on the rear if that helps? Got a hydro disk up front
  12. Hi guys, pretty much iv recently bought some heat sink yellows with cnc backings, to replace my inspired pads iv got the brake working ok but not amazing, the brakes squeaks if I go back just not forwards It's on my czar mod, avid sd7 lever, standard cable, shimano arms, onza vee adaptors, echo brake booster and a grind on my rim, the brake worked great with the inspired pads but I can't get the heat sinks to do that well, any tips as to what I'm doing wrong and how to improve the braking and to get the nice honk when going forwards? cheers, kev
  13. What about a Planet X zebdi if you can find one? Geo is lovely, and good fun to ride, not 100% whether a 30t will fit but it might
  14. Love the looks of them frames, how do they ride?
  15. Got enough height at the front there mate?