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  1. Nice video, I really enjoyed it.
  2. I asked my friend, his pads were the EBC red, but the wear of them is really fast. I forget to say, i was using Hope saw rotor (no floating), and he had Shimano XT (the old ones) The only possible solution... no braking
  3. Every summer, I go one week to Vallnord, and with a pair of Hopes M4 (non tech lever, but not the old calipers), with braided hoses and goodridge sintered pads, and perfect, the brakes were always there. A friend also have the Saint brakes with braided hoses (think that he has EBC pads) and the same, always OK, no problem at all. Get some second hand Saints they´re cheap, easy to fix and really good brakes, simply put some new mineral oil on them, and perfect!
  4. I was watching that echo lite on eBay, really nice for the final price. For the maguras, you have a lot of how to bleed tutorials on youtube, and for the grips, i use isoprophilic alcohol to remove them and the same for the refitting. For the tutorials, check this YouTube channel. It´s on spanish but doesn´t matter, it´s really instructive:
  5. Bike limbo underneath a trailer? now seriously, really impressive