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  1. I'm running an i9 Hydra as well, since June last year. So far it's been holding up perfectly, even under a hack like me Had issues with the Hope Pro 4 too, bearing housing way out of tolerance, it ate bearings for breakfast and ran like crap. Hope initially served me off with some BS, but eventually I got my money back and figured I'd do it right this time around and invest in some proper quality. No regrets; yes, it's 2/3 more expensive than Hope, but the machining is on another level, and that instant engagement, wow!
  2. Yeah, these things are always a bit crooked. My OCD couldn't handle it, so I've taken some inspiration from Ali C and made his style of chain tensioner from a plate of titanium. Looks cleaner, weighs less, and makes a lot less noise when bouncing around. Only thing I find with tensioners that occasionally after a rough bounce without pedal pressure, and then putting pressure on the pedals, the chain will sometimes make a single clang/pop noise, like it has come ever so slightly off the chain ring's teeth, even though my chain line is perfect. Guess this is inevitable as the chain has way more room to jump around than with a proper tensioner-less single speed setup?
  3. No worries, good luck! About your brake lever question: the Tech 3 lever is a lot sturdier than the Trial Zone lever (which is a Race lever with a slightly longer lever blade). T3 lever blade feels a bit thicker, and the return spring feels stronger too. It is also more adjustable, but it is heavier. I have both, and the TZ feels fragile by comparison. I wore out the pivot bushing and hole of the TZ lever quite quickly, which gave a lot of unwanted play. Master cylinders are the same size, and I reckon leverage of T3 and TZ lever is about the same too, so not much difference in it power wise. I would personally always go for the T3 lever if I had the choice. Edit: if you're comparing the TZ lever to the older Tech Evo lever, the TZ should give your more power, as the Tech Evo has a larger master cylinder, so less hydraulic leverage.
  4. You don't need a special bleed kit at all for Hope, only a small hose. The funnel on top is just nice to have. Pop your tiny hose over the caliper bleed nipple, and to catch the fluid, either put a cup or bucket or something underneath the end of the hose, or just connect your syringe to it. If you go for the latter, keep the syringe supported, or the hose will pop off the nipple by itself when it starts to fill with fluid. I usually stick it between the spokes with my wheel on the floor so it can't rotate. Then remove the reservoir cap, fill it to the brim, start squeezing and opening the bleed port like in the clip above. Just keep an eye on the fluid level in the reservoir. When it gets low, pour in some more from the bottle.
  5. Yeah, you probably saved me from a load of frustration and money there! I've ordered some cheap Shimano Deore BL-M4100 levers for the MT5 calipers. No servo wave but a long lever for leverage, 0.5 mm smaller master cylinder than Magura for just a tad more power, and hopefully less flexy lever body. Time to experiment!
  6. Cheers, good info. I guess being anally retentive with the bleeding might handle the mushy feeling, but the leaking caliper is no good, especially for the price they go at. Where did it start to leak, past the pistons, or the banjo or bleed screws? For now I've put some older longer MT5 lever assemblies back on (had the short ones from an MT Trail set), the flex is insane, but they seem to stay dry for now.
  7. Cheers, yeah, the Guides are terrible, had them on my MTB, tried them for trials in an emergency, it was scary as hell. Codes might be slightly better though. Formula I've had some really bad experiences with in the past, with two sets of their T1/The One brakes. Fine for regular MTB, but when I put them on my trials bike, they instantly started leaking past the caliper seals. Both sets, so I'm hard pressed it's just bad luck, has put me off them for good. Was thinking the same, basically the only thing that's holding me back. Especially with those pics of broken Shimano calipers in mind... Maybe I should try and find some of those TRP levers and match them with the Magura calipers.
  8. Maybe a long shot, but is anyone using the new Hayes Dominion A4 brake for (street)trials? Using MT5s at the moment, and they've started leaking ever so slightly from the lever plunger/master cylinder. Could swap them out for Shimano levers, but I don't really like their shape/action. Though I'm sending the Magura's back in for warranty, I'm not a fan of the plastic lever bodies, so I thought of trying something completely different. These Hayes look pretty promising, super light lever action, very little 'empty' lever throw, good power (2x 17 mm pistons like Magura, though I don't know the master cylinder diameter). Would be great to hear of some trials experiences with them, or shall I just give it an expensive shot and be the guiny pig? This is them: