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  1. Little way but there’s 3 of us still riding in Maidstone. maybe could meet in Hastings sometime?!
  2. Those who are keen to get back out on there bike. what weekends are people available in March? would the second Sunday of March suit everyone (the 8th) maybe hit herne bay bay or somewhere like that?
  3. I’ll let you explain when everyone asks then!! i think a group on Facebook would be the best idea though. Would anyone fancy going Ramsgate or herne bay on the second Sunday of February (9th) ?
  4. Sorry chaps I forgot I posted in here a little while ago. maybe worth setting up another Facebook page/group. As people sign into there more regularly. im definitely keen to get out properly on my bike in near future. I am near Cranbrook but definitely happy to travel at weekend, ashford, herne bay, Ramsgate all had good spots from what I can remember.
  5. Just signed back into mush account after many years. but never sold my bike. Me and a friend have got back into trials we are near ashford/Maidstone.