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  1. thats some good points and info there, thanks for the help ☺
  2. yeah i hear what you're saying. just wondering if there is going to be much advantage in going for the flow plus over the flow.
  3. hi all, just looking for opinions on the new blue one. Been wanting to get back into trials/street for awhile now and the flow seems like a good way to go. Do i really need a flow plus or would the flow be adequate? Just looking for opinions really so any welcome ☺
  4. i did get mine to fit but it took two of us to do it
  5. thats interesting. I know its got to be a snug fit to stop it coming out but mine seems so tight, ha ha. I might have another go and then maybe file the edges abit.
  6. hi all, has anyone put together the seat and post? Is there a knack to it, mine seems to need the hand of god to put it together, ha ha.
  7. are there any local street/trials riders, im in ascot and looking to get back to riding again, just abit boring on your own sometimes ☹
  8. Hi all. Was just wondering if anyone has had any issues with the hope trial zone disc brake. Fitted one on the back and when braking lightly to firm the pads rattle around like crazy making an aweful noise and vibration through my bike. If i brake hard to lock the wheel its fine. anyone?