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  1. Being "called out" for saying I prefer you to ride "comp" bike instead of an Inspired. Get a grip.
  2. Still not able to have an opinion on here I see, 10 years later
  3. Do some f**king lines ffs, why do you TGS fags have to ride like this? youre giving the seated community a bad name #manual #360 #seat
  4. This also made me laugh, dunno who its about but it could well be about me or someone I ride with but Ive heard plenty of stories of you losing your temper when you was younger, threatening somebody with a brick when on a ride to be precise, fair enough people do stupid shit when they're 14, I look at some 14 year olds now and think wtf are they doing? thats all apart of growing up, just like you said before, you now wearing skinny jeans but bashing on people before is just apart of growing up/changing trends whatever, you might find yourself riding a bike without a seat again in the near future, it doesnt matter about the bike, its about the personality, I never used to have a problem with you to be honest, maybe me being a little shit when I was younger is why we dont get along but I'm over that, I come on the forum once every few months and still see the same shit going on.
  5. It wouldnt make a shite of difference what bike you have.
  6. As if people still go on about what people wear when riding, used to bash on people for wearing skinnys, look who wears them now. Might aswell buy some of these shorts now, youll be wearing them in 4 years time anyway. Grow up. Sick riding, raw clips are better than edited ones imo.
  7. Do it outside, seriously messy job.
  8. Dont get the 60a high roller, they are WANK for spring and for grip, I have a fat albert and i get constant punctures even with a 3mm thick dh tube.
  9. I stopped riding for 4 years and I'm better now than what I have ever been, been back at it a few months.
  10. How is me saying "Youre moaning about the production? its not being shown on tv/dvd you know, its just a trials video on youtube, you obviously havent seen any of the really old videos which are filmed on mini dv camcorders by one of the riders mates/tripod.. Who cares." childish? . I was respoding to his comment which I didnt agree with and felt was completely out of order, the filming really wasnt that bad.
  11. Avid Ultimate or sd7
  12. excuse me? haha
  13. Read back and please tell me who spat the dummy out I hope youre joking, read what I actually said in comparison to him.
  14. What the hell is wrong with you lmao, me saying that i dont like inspired videos isnt gonna stop you doing whatever you want is it? build a bridge.