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  1. Solid riding.
  2. Some good riding there, I just feel as the music didn't suit the video very well but I guess that's personal preference, Good video anyway!
  3. Right will order them, cheers everyone.
  4. http://www.bike-discount.de/en/buy/magura-mt5-storm-2-finger-disc-brake-495467?currency=3&delivery_country=190&gclid=CJW5tK-RvskCFSLkwgodZn4G5Q Has anyone ordered of this website before? these MT5 brakes seem too cheap, just thought I might snatch myself a bargain, Or can you get them even cheaper?
  5. Anywhere but inverness
  6. just put a few clips together, I do apologise for the excessive amounts of nose drop off thingys it's my first video and it was edited on my phone so it's not that great, but I enjoyed making it, any opinions are welcome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c__Cpe2-QiI
  7. good riding right there!
  8. had mine on my inspired for about 2 months until they broke, the back on the carbotexture stuff started to crack on the lever body and the front hose went way to easily. they were alright when they were working, not worth it though.
  9. Jordan you're better than I expected! keep up the sick riding both of yous!
  10. sweet riding!
  11. "someone get that kid a bmx for christmas" because i ride an inspired
  12. I thought I'd just share these, let me know what you think, Taken and edited by John Lewis Munro