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  1. I don't like facebook in general but it is worth it just for the sake of finding people to ride with. Tartybikes have a page just for this perpose in fact and there are groups for local areas too. Im from the wrong end of the country from you unfortunately but have been to shipley glen a few times at weekends and have always bumped into other riders there. good luck.
  2. Any tips on fitting bar tape? I have the jack carthy stuff and it is tapered at one end, what is this for? cheers
  3. Clip from yesterday's ride in Reading.
  4. Out tonight again. This didn't go as badly as I thought, one near miss shin dig mind!!
  5. Good video, gutted i couldn't make the ride!
  6. No mention of radical bikes for round 2, just a post code for somewhere near cambridge?
  7. Anybody know if there are any trials competitions this this year? Barrow farm? Hook woods? Cheers
  8. Boxes are easy to make and don't shift around like pallets. Definitely recommend making a balance beam. Teaches you a lot of techniques. I also made a box with a half round/ barrel shape on top which is fun. Some pics below, somehow I don't have a pic of it finished but you get the idea! Haha. Everything is made from scrap wood and sheets of plywood and chipboard flooring I pinched from work.
  9. Are none of the GB events affiliated with the UCI?
  10. Just seen this here, Anybody heard about it? Definately try to get there and watch some of it
  11. Rode a few local spots I hadn't ridden in a while yesterday and made this. Nothing mind blowing but I'm pretty happy with it
  12. If you buy spokes from tarty bikes they will know the right lengths.
  13. Looks amazing! Great riding.