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  1. Close ish, but too icy/moist at the moment.
  2. May be over that way during the spring visiting family. If I am I'll thrown the bike in Ex Dublin, Wicklow area rider - lots that way too, but again, few riders.
  3. Hi Jack - I'd be interested in the hs33 if you've still got it. How much are you looking for it?

    1. jack dickinson

      jack dickinson

      cant send you a message mate, think you need 5 posts

      have you got an email?

    2. jack dickinson

      jack dickinson

    3. GregMay
  4. *waves* I've been stalking for a while always intending to get a trials bike but 'normal' riding kept getting in the way. So i've got a bike, it works, I don't as of yet Anyway, how hard can it be for an endurance rider who's not rode flats in 10 years to get some skills. Yours in being prepared to fail, Greg
  5. Erm...I too am a n00b in Manchester. I figure 33 ain't to you to start trials is it? XC rider who figures he could do with some new skills. SImilar boat with a cheap Onza on a budget. Happy to get into something new! If you fancy someone else to feel like you have zero skills and ability with I'd be happy to join you