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  1. not bed
  2. Most def the best video I have seen a while ago. Very well done Ali! Smooth as always.
  3. cow you mean
  4. fockin awsum m8, keep dese comming, enjoying your style very mutch
  5. any place where i can rewatch it?
  6. Has dis demon since spring, she replaced a 2013 GU. Feels and rides awsum. Obv the front wheel moves are heaven because of the agressive head angle (73.5). I had a disk brake on the GU (BB7), now with the maggies on the front I dont miss it at all. Lost the modulation obviously, but I had a lot of hard time with gap to fronts etc. The disk just couldn handle them, now its instant stop. All in all the best bike I ever owned, suitable geometry, superb brakes (love the trialtech levers, big up to dose guys) and good weight (8.4kg). Quick riding video with her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHhMLTQLohM Frame and Forks - Frame: Echo MK6 - Forks: Echo Urban Tapered Wheels - Front hub: Clean HS V1 with red Monty Alloy bolts - Rear hub: Echo TR with red Monty Alloy bolts - Front rim: Hashtagg - Rear rim: Hashtagg - Spokes: DT Revolution (1.5) on the front DT Competition (1.8) on the back, both with alloy nipples - Rim tape: Echo, white - Inner tube (front): Maxxis Ultralight with red alloy valve cap - Inner tube (rear): CST with red alloy valve cap - Front tyre: Try-all Shift, 26" x 2.0" - Rear tyre: Monty Pro Race, 26" x 2.5" Brakes - Front brake: Magura HS33, Coust pads, Magura hose, Echo TR clamps, Trialtech Sport Lite lever - Rear brake: Magura HS33, Coust pads, Trialtech hose, Echo TR clamps, Trialtech Sport Lite lever Drivetrain - Cranks: Hashtagg, 175 ISIS - Freewheel: Reborn 135.9, 18T - Chain: KMC K810 - Rear Sprocket: Bonz 15T - Pedals: Echo TR Caged - Bottom bracket: Echo Titanium with Monty Alloy red bolts - Bashring: Echo SL Steering - Headset: Echo SL - Stem: Clean, 145mm x 25° with red a2z alloy top cap - Grips: Trialtech foam - Handlebars: Hashtagg carbon
  7. luks wong to be honest
  8. loved the music again, your style never stops to amaze me, enjoyed dis a lot
  9. dis luks mental i quiet like it
  10. Yesterday i had a great time nearby the train station. Spring is comming so it was a hot day. Love this spot. Bought a new camera and a stand, i like the result so far.
  11. dis gusting
  12. he is a beast
  13. Aww yiss, a classic from the old days!