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  1. looks dead cool doesn't it
  2. I would add some music for your viewing pleasure but in all honesty my pc speakers broke so this is all you've got
  3. My auntie was a Jap it must just be that pal
  4. It's Kate o-clock again
  5. My her,o this one's for you mr Cox
  6. Double dare you to cut it in half!
  7. #iamkate is a clothing brand started to raise awareness for mental heath issues such as; extreme attention seeking, imaginary friends and lovers and the extra rare case of thinking you've been involved in multiple car crashes that never happened.
  8. On holiday at the mo so can only post an old picture of me supporting this worthy cause
  9. I've got a new motorbike yay go me!
  10. I'm not guna bother watching this instead I'll just form an opinion on it based on Jordan Leigh as a person
  11. Always just upgraded bikes as i've rode them in the past so this will be my first actual build project as it were, ill try keep this fairly updated as and when i get new parts for it. To kick it off bought a set of Try-all Karbons running them on the current bike and love them and a set of Bonz carbon bars, along with some jitsie clamps and a random born stem i had lying about.
  13. Just beautiful, loved it
  14. Another shout out for kaisers, had the real one and now on the projekt but both rode well.
  15. Definitely worth a ride if you ever venture down south ish, there's another few miles all down stanage edge of similar stuff just over the road from this bit too.