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  1. Looks like a great scene. Video quality was second to none too. Nice!
  2. This is awesome Karl!!
  3. Loved it!
  4. Here are my throwaway clips this year. Hope you enjoy the music haha!
  5. Haha Ross you crazy mofo! But I do agree I was being silly without a helmet on. I'm going to get a proper one very soon so any videos in the future I'll be wearing one bro ;)
  6. Well riding season is near enough over for my group of riders. I decided to put together a quick edit from the clips i've been gathering over summer this year. Don't expect too much because we aren't pro riders but we do try hard for being 27 and 31 years old. I hope you guys enjoy
  7. That was awesome!
  8. Thanks dave33
  9. Heavy hitter!
  10. Thanks a lot JJ. More to come in the future hopefully ;)
  11. Thanks Guillermo I appreciate it bro
  12. Cheers guys Yeh the riding isn't the best. I'm working on doing other projects that have more freedom and more time to really shoot some great riding by some top riders. If there are any good riders that want to film and take pics please hit me up too and lets start creating
  13. Last month i went to Barcelona with the Trials Addict and BTC Bikes guys to film an edit. It was a great time and everyone loved every minute of it, the ups and the downs. Here is the finished edit for everyone to see. Sit back and watch 9 minutes of the guys wink emoticon
  14. Oh let's use a drone for nearly every shot to make it 'epic' and add some 'epic' music too. Honestly Dada's video was a lot better and much more thought and feeling put into it than this.
  15. Best trials video i've seen. It had everything in that. So so good!