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  1. Home made re-anodizing
  2. Some other updates
  3. Accidentally i posted in a wrong topic
  4. A bit old topic but i didnt want to start a new. Does anyone have a good experience with trials and fitness bands? I used a qs80 a few years ago, but it didnt even detected riding trials in any way. It worked for running though. Im thinking about a Xiaomi Band 3 or 4, they sounds and looks decent. I dont want to plan my trainings from second to second or anything like this, i just think it would be fun to get some information about my riding. And i think the pulse monitor, intelligent alarm etc. would be great.
  5. Dude have you still got your original 07 python frame? 

    I'm trying to track down the geometry for it as I've always wanted another ever since I got rid of mine and I can't find it anywhere! 

    1. Pít



      Yes :)

      I have the long one, its 1045/375/50/72 with an old echo lite fork, and 1035/375/55/72 with an old echo urban fork 

  6. I ordered it. If someone there is a bar tape wizard, is there a trials-specific direction of rounding it on, or it doesnt make any difference?
  7. Sounds nice thanks! Yes, its the Carthy one. I used a Clean 2mm foam, its really thin but i like it. But i changed my bars from jitsie carbon to the cow breath and surprisingly the new bar is thicker, and the clean foam is much much harder then on the jitsie bar. So im thinking of ordering some bar tape i can adjust the thickness and hardness.
  8. Hi! Does anyone have experience with both of these bar tapes? Which is the better?
  9. Took a few hours to get used to it but i feel so much better with this setup
  10. Tasty! Did you tried it with a waw stem? Im about to get one with a breath b&w bar.
  11. Tempting
  12. Nice catch, it is indeed As far as i know, its the biggest and oldest still-standing (and developing) trials park in Hungary. Laszlo Hegedus and many other great riders train at us frequently, and we had a lot of foreign guests too It has been featured in a really lot of great videos, a few of my favourites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fthv31-Soc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERl4_Lot2P0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lckcz-aRwrc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7rZOO4k3Po&pbjreload=10
  13. Obviously, you are welcome any time
  14. Just me turning and shaking the heck out off these small obstacles