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  1. I ordered it. If someone there is a bar tape wizard, is there a trials-specific direction of rounding it on, or it doesnt make any difference?
  2. Sounds nice thanks! Yes, its the Carthy one. I used a Clean 2mm foam, its really thin but i like it. But i changed my bars from jitsie carbon to the cow breath and surprisingly the new bar is thicker, and the clean foam is much much harder then on the jitsie bar. So im thinking of ordering some bar tape i can adjust the thickness and hardness.
  3. Hi! Does anyone have experience with both of these bar tapes? Which is the better?
  4. Took a few hours to get used to it but i feel so much better with this setup
  5. Tasty! Did you tried it with a waw stem? Im about to get one with a breath b&w bar.
  6. Tempting
  7. Nice catch, it is indeed As far as i know, its the biggest and oldest still-standing (and developing) trials park in Hungary. Laszlo Hegedus and many other great riders train at us frequently, and we had a lot of foreign guests too It has been featured in a really lot of great videos, a few of my favourites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fthv31-Soc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERl4_Lot2P0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lckcz-aRwrc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7rZOO4k3Po&pbjreload=10
  8. Obviously, you are welcome any time
  9. Just me turning and shaking the heck out off these small obstacles
  10. Some small updates
  11. I cant decide if i like those bars or not how it feels like?
  12. Then i am doomed trilite carbon backed "Coust"s maybee?
  13. Hi! Is there any good experience with the crewkerz front 20" rim for rim brakes? In my experience, it doesnt really hold grind and not really performs well with the original Coust pads. Before buying the 20 Jealousy, i used Hashtagg rims and the brake was amazing on it. Sould i try another brake pads, or change the rim? Considering the through axle hub is 32h, old style tryalls and new crewkerz comes in my mind. The tryalls are pretty heavy, and i know nothing about the new crewkerz.
  14. Thank you guys, a little hit with a hammer to the inner axle at the side of the cog made a miracle, its like butter now
  15. Hi! I have a Crekwerz Jealousy 20 2017 bike, its 6 months old. My real wheel spins really hard compared to my old Zhi hub+normal frame+hs brake combo. I tought the disc brake pads rubs the disc a bit, but last weekend i had a puncture and checked the axle bearing, and they tight as heck. They are lubricated well of course. I have no problem with the front. What can i do? Thanks, and excuse my poor english have a nice day!